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Re: the lengths to ensure medicine is abusive

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 18:31:05

In reply to Re: the lengths to ensure medicine is abusive, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 18:17:31

they fill the universities with teenagers in programmes they themselves consider 'low value'

they teach them to produce word salad output.

they teach them to plagarise (string together lecturers notes into essay format). they teach them to clean their data (make up data).

all to not pay the workers.

all to not pay the workers.

all so the government records a negative balance against the childs name (their student loan debt to the government) in exchange for low grades in a low value course where they only demonstrate their ability to comply with demands to produce doctored stats and word salad

and the government gives them not enough moeny to live off...

all to try and force them to work the planatations...

or sell methamphetamine and guns

prostitute themselves.

the lengths they go to...



if you are going to force them to get into thousands of dollars of debt for a low value course..

you may as well not give them the degree either. just not give them the piece of paper.

what are they going to do about it??



wouldn't it be more productive...

if we got them into trade school qualifications instead?

instead of teaching them to produce word salad we could get them building shacks to house themselevs in...

maybe even wiring up rudimentary electrical.

we could get them doing trade school stuff instead.

of course we don't ever have to actually give them the qualification.

or jobs.

but they'd be able to do things other than produce word salad...

development trajectory of new zealand.

close down the universities and re-route people to trade-schools.


the next development will be to close the trade-schools and re-route peple overseas.


detention camp island.

the exclusion zone.


is that what our leaders want?

it seems to be what they are busily working towards...


where is my qualifiation?
for the work that i did?

i did 1 year of research in 2018.

i was informed that doing that would be enough for them to properly process my application to medical school.

i did the work...

it was required to go to external examiners for sign off.

they refused to allow external examienrs to sign me off.

they were required to allow external examienrs to sign me off.

they were required to properly process my application to medicine.

they said they were going to base it mostly on GPA and they provided the algorithm for calculating that. they were required to enter 8.6 into their f*ck*ng system and offer places to the top however many applicants that were ranked (with the possibility of PROMOTING maaori / refugee / pacifica).

i am certain that i would have been ranked high enough for offer of place.

and the lengths they have gone to in order to violate the laws and the regulations and refuse to do what their own rules that they wrote for themselves to follow required them to do.

they will not do it.


the only reason they they told me they would consider me for med if i completed a 120 point program of study... was because they thought that the university councils of new zealand would have the opportunity to fiddle my grades down or refuse to get my thesis to externals to prevent sign off. in other words... they thought they could set me an impossible task (one impossible by design).

and then i'd be forced to... give up and comply with what they wanted me to do with my life.

which is keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep working. for no pay.

doing what?

i suppose they want me to teach critical reasoning.

get people beliving yes is no and up is down and black is white.

basiclaly just getting people to believe that they are forced to comply. t here is no alternative. they should be lucky for whatever scraps they are thrown. just putting up with a lifetime of deprivation. breeding gamma babies for cetain people to abuse and so on. that's the meaning of life -- right?


of course they don't think.

nobody home.




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