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Re: the lengths to ensure medicine is abusive

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 18:09:29

In reply to Re: the lengths to ensure medicine is abusive, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 17:56:24

and i know it's not about the math.

i know it's not for *other people's kids*

i have read manufacturers instructions and they make it *so easy even a doctor could do it*

for obvious reasons.

1. clean your data.

there we go. any research done on corrupted data is... word salad. waste of time.

boom. there goes stats.

2. assumptions.

carefully picked assumptions. ones likely to be false. to ensure the model isn't a good or useful model at all. worse... to lock us into a terrible trajectory. e.g., let's start out with the assumption that maaori will remain in conditions of deprivation unless we do x and y and z... then let's squabble and squawk about how we cannot do x and y and z. and then let's demonstrate committment to our model (we are not obsessed with achieving x and y and z) by keeping maaori oppressed and going 'see see see see see see see!!!'

3. workforce planning.

we just can't do it. we just can't let people make up their own minds. we inist on forcing children to do what we want them to do. we insist on treating adults as children. we refuse to allow adults an education because they won't comply with what degree we think right for them...

all the workforce planning...

they decide they will train x number of doctors. and they decide of that they need y number of gps and z number of orthopedic surgeons etc etc. and then it's all about forcing people to do what you want them to do because you think you know better than them what is needed.

and it's all about refusing to allow people to do what they want and forcing them to do what you want. beause you think you know better than them what is good for them. i mean you. i mean them. i mean you. i mean it is fun for you to force them to comply with what you want because you can. right?

all the micro-mis-managing. higher paychecks the worse people are at it. because, let's face it. it's about helping you helping you helping you helping me help myself to you. diverting the resources me-wards. because i know best and i know best for me what is good for me and what is good fo rme is that you give me all of your stuff and i tell you what to do. helping me helping me helping me help myself to you.

4. we don't know what's gonig to happen.

but we commit to a terrible trajectory and use that to justify our forcing people to comply with what we want. help myself to you...

5. 'you can't do x alex because imagine if everybody did x!!! that's unsustainable'.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. that's why you get to do x and i don't. that makes total sense in retard land.

they cannot understand that not everybody wants to do the same thing.

i mean... they wouldn't be intentionally marketing medicine as the top of the hierarchy where you aim for the top and settle for what you get unless... they were concerned that people might not view it in tha tway. they invest so much. so much. so much...

our national drama. longest standing one. is intentionally designed to teach the masses of new zealanders... that medicine is the top. and if you really make it in life you are manager or ce o fthe medicine.

we have invested so much...

in obstructing nad preventing people who might want to do it not because of all tha tbullshit. but in spite of or despite all tha tbullshit. the lengths we have gone to to prevent that. to ensure it appeals to people for the wrong reasons.

they just don't make any sense.

it only makes sense when you understand they are committed to all of the money and all of the power and they don't care anything at all about genuine growth or development. they don't even want to be leader of healthy happy productive people.

intersted in ruining things fo rus all




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