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Re: oppression

Posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 16:56:32

In reply to Re: oppression, posted by alexandra_k on May 23, 2021, at 16:47:37

i mean....

what else sort or kind of sense can we make of the fact that they simply refuse to give me the degree i completed.

to keep me out.

why do that?

why so committed to breaking the rules (of fairness and the like) to keep me out?

why so determined?

to exclude me

why so determined?

oh yeah. it's about the children.

do they treat the children well?

there appear to be groups (gangs if you will) of boys throwing tehir weight around. believing they can do anything with impunity because of who their parents are.

it appears they are right.

i keep thinking about how they pick a boy to be an actor or model in one of the stations for the medical interview at auckland.

what that's about.

what the message is there.

the boy they pick.

how the boy gets to be an actor in the station. interact with the applicant. in collusion with the person rating the applicant.

year one: your friend is thinking of dropping out of med because his dog is dying. what do you say to him?

year two: i will pay you money to give me the questions that you remember from the recent test. we are using them to tutor kids befor etheir test.

apparently they are doing the later. the med studnets. they run private tutoring stuff for the private halls. i'ts allowed by the university. theyfound a way to get in on the money for that, even

i didn't realise that the UMAT people, too, they say they aren't affiliated with them... but they allow it. and they invest (financially) in it. and they don't prevent their employees from doing it. so they get people paying for tutoring for the test. so they get people paying for a better grade i guess.

i guess some schools in teh US do that too. send graduates from the Uni to secondary schools and if the parents will pay tehm they can help them with their essays or whatever.

it's just a scam.

it's not working.

i just see the scam.

and i'm excluded because...

of a scummy scam.

tehre's nothing worth working towards because there's nothing there.

just a group of cheats.

do you want to join a group of cheats? people who got to be there only because of how much money their parents padi to cheat the system?

it isn't like you find.. peers. people like you in important respects.

unless you aspire to be a scummy cheat.

wrongful death. sexual violation. etc. that's what's motivating and inspiring about medicine -- right? all the kpeople you get to murder. by ommission if not by provision of service directly.


why else all the lengths all the lengths all the lengths all the lengths they go to in order to keep good people out

all the lengths they go to to choose the youngest children they can find

all the lengths




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