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Re: there will never be enough to meet genuine need

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:19:49

In reply to there will never be enough to meet genuine need, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 16:02:51

they refuse to allow me to function
they refuse to allow me to function
they refuse to allow me to contribute
they refuse to acknowlege my strengths
they refuse to acknowledge things i can do
they refuse to acknowledge what i can do
they refuse to allow me to contribute
they refuse to allow me the resources i need to contribute
to function
to produce
to help

they refuse to get with the programme.

the treaty of waitangi has been repeatedly and persistenly used by teh new zealand government as some kind of excuse for repeatedly and persistently violating the rights of maaori.

i mean, they violate the rights of many white people and many non-maori, too, but the treaty of waitangi has been used to sort of simultaneously say that maaori are 'special' with special rights and privaledges or a special recourse for wrongs or whatever... while... well... setting up a special court to hear wrongs to do with that... where the function of that court seems more to be to hold things up and delay and make money for the court (rather than pay out money for settlement).. perhaps even to ensure that payout for settlement will only ensure after they have but all the mechanisms into place to ensure the money will be taken swiftly back or away.

e.g., ensure that the composition of the trust is such that the money on paper will never actually... cash out... for the majority of the people the settlement was supposed to be in the interests of...

and it's a way of re-focusing attention away from the elite white miniority.. by sort of refusign to acknowledge that there are qutie a few of teh endentured servants who were supposed to be killed off by... not maleria in these parts... by... alcohol abuse. suicide. poverty. by contaminated water and food supply chains... and so on... and then immigrants of all kinds of nationalities... and so really just a few elite white minotiry interests, really..

by focusing on the treaty it keeps an 'us and them' sort of a division... whereby maaori can't or won't join forces with the other oppressed groups united against the elite white minority who refuses to share power.

then you pick out one or two maaori... to be special maaori. like winston peters. simon bridges. shane reti. sort of white maaori. maaori who are (implicitly probably more than explicitly) very very racist indeed. maaori who have been taught thatthey were lucky they made it DESPITE the fact that they are maaori. maaori who wish they weren't. maaori who hate the fact htat they are maaori. maaori who... for teh most part.. really don't take themselevs to be... and it's their right. to sort of identify how they will and all that. but these are the few who have been chosen or selected to be advanced because they are maaori because they are not. if that makes sense. like the white aborignial kids who were picked out because they appeared acceptable to the elite white minority of austlrai to be representative or whatever of aboriginal interests. insofar as aboriginal interests were allowed to persiste or remain rather than being genocided...

a sort of... what it means to be elite maaori or aboriginal. to appear white. may as well be. good as. that kind of an idea...

and of course the fact i said all that means i'm a racist who must be murdered in her sleep -- right? the maaori interest has vetoed me out 'definate no' for medicine and they have that power -- right? that's the latest excuse? that's one in teh stream of latest excuses -- right?

i am my own worst enemy -- right?

no.. i'm not doing it to myself . tohers are doing it to me.

any time you want it to stop all you have to do is give up -- right?

no. it will stop when you stop doing it to me.

where is my degree? you were required to allow international community to sign me off. international commjunity did not require me to re-enrol or pay you any more fees. it was time for me to be signed off. and you refused to allow it. it is time to give me my degree and pay in reparation of the fact that you've taken several f*ck*ng years and needed me to get the f*ck*ng courts to FORCE YOU TO DO WHAT YOU WERE REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW

where is my training place in medicine? you were required to regard my application to be an application from an eligible applicant. the law says i'm eligible. you had an interview score. you had an algorithm for calculating my gpa. you had my UMAT / UCAT score. enter them into your system, same as all the toher applicants, and tell me what my rank score was? was it high enough for offer of place? If it was then you are REQUIRED TO ENROL ME.

YOu don't get to go 'nonononononononono we like to abuse you and we want to choose people who like to abuse others'.


Close them down. No medical schools for New Zealand. Let international community take over our hospitals. Teh way tehy took over our engineering sign off. Our milk powder production compliance.

The entire administation of New Zealand ffs...




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