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Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:35:11

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:20:57

i mean we pay the abusers
and we pay those who enable or allow or condone the abusers.

that seems to be the idea.

i suppose it's because abusers focus their life on taking other people's stuff and so they get a lot of stuff. because the take the stuff. so they have the stuff. yay them. that's what they wanted. they grabbed it. there we go.

and then they give stuff to others... insofar as giving others stuff motivates or incentivies them to do what they want.

and that is the point of having money. so you can give it to people to motivate or incentivise them to do what you want them to do.


new zealand wants doctors. good doctors? doctors who don't bully and abuse the vulnerable?

apparently i am a violent criminal so that means not me.

really... really?

i don't think that anybody genuinely or actually believes that.


people seem pretty motivated to promote that belief of me, though.


yes indeed.


the latest effort of the auckland district health board, particularly.
know what they write on the top left corner of my file like it's my address


so they lock me in a seclusion room and refuse to allow me to leave the hospital


Their Queens Council lawyer that they hired is trying to have the case thrown out of court. There will be a 2 hour hearing as to how the case will not be heard by the courts of New Zealand for various reasons that he will come up with.

And thus far the Justice has REFUSED to ORDER the Auckland District Health Board to supply to me the entirety of my file notes for my most recent admission.

Where the file notes will incriminate them. They incriminate themselves. They display in the file notes they don't have teh capacity to take a pateint history. That likely conveys that this or that person was not really a psychiatrist. Who authorised the administration of medication? Who authoirsed involuntariliy detaining me in a seclusion cell? Who authorised holding me in the hospital for more than the 5 days the initial assessment period was for?

I believe international community consideres tha tinvoluntary detention under conditions of torture.

Who decided it was appropriate to deny me a lawyer?
Who decided it was appropriate to refuse to allow me an outside line preventing me from phoning police?
Who called security such that multiple security guards were posted outside my room where those guards physically prevented me leaving by pushing me back?


Look I get it: They REALLY REALLY RELALY REALY REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to train me to do Medicne.

Look at the lengths they go to to pathologise and abuse me.

'Medicine abuses you. Medicine abuses. Medicie is abuse. It is not fo ryou. Medicine abuses you. You do not do medicine to help others. Medicien abuses you. Got it? Got it? Got it? You are a violent criminal you!! You are insane!!! Got it? Got it?

The lengths they go.

The lengths they go.

The lengths they go.


Where is my Degree?


New Zealand: Best nation in the world in which to be a PEDOPHILE

New Zealand: REFUSES to comply with international conventions on Human Rights.


The courts REFUSE


I am sure Epstein is being transferred here.

Likely promoted to CE of... What's his taste?? 17? Maybe he'd like to go to law camp??




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