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Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:20:57

In reply to Re: culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:10:12

there's something that people find intrinsiclly rewarding surrounding themselves with lackeys or dependents.

intrinsically rewarding.

that's the thing.

like how some people find intrinsic reward pulling wings off flies.

like how a cat might find it entertaining or curious to toy with a mouse.

people enjoy it.

people voluntarily seek out those kinds of inter-personal interactions.

they go around to their bosses house for dinner or whatever. sucking up. paying homage.

the jostling. the pupplies clambering over each other.

the game. it's fun for them.



lack of empathy for those who don't take too well to that.


we are very backwards.

a nation where saying 'it's not okay to cat call women' is still somehow something that is worth saying.

like the discussion needs to be held back there... kept at that level. that needs to still be surprising or controversial in order to prevent development.

mental health is still something that is perceived as apersonal weakness. as in... if you bully someone into having mental health issues... say... depression and feelings of hopelessness about them not being able to prevent yoru bullying and abusing of them... then that somehow is supposed to reflect badly on them.

such that we are enttilted to make money off of employing people specifically to continue on in the abuse of them


'slow your roll

slow your role?

or change the trajectory'


i am living in a bubble.

the trueman show...


what am i supposed to do?


'give up'

yes. i hear that loud and clear


you are supposed to do exactly what your mother does.
that is to say you are supposed to spend the rest of your life on welfare.
you are supposed to not travel.
you are supposed to not have a car.
you are supposed to only engage in free community activities.
you are supposed to accept that that is your lot in life.

you are supposed to accept that only the bullies and abusers are paid to bully and abuse and keep people 'settling' into their place in their community...

and given that you don't desire slaves of your own
given that you don't desire to abuse others...

there's nothing we can do with you.


just so long as we are clear on what gives life meaning.
what life is about


new zealand: best place in teh world in which to be a pedophile




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