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Re: culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 15:00:35

In reply to culture of bullies, posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

which, i suppose, feeds into why we are not allowed to develop.

because of the moral thing.

the choices people make, then, with other sorts of knowledge and information.

i mean, give the VC's of new zealand universities information about how to torture and abuse people to keep them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them paying money to them and not paying their workers... divide and conquer strategies... strategies to have people accepting less and less remuneration for doing more and more... overcrowding strategies... all these strategies intentionally inflicted because of what it is that we have learned abotu these effects of such things in psychology and animal husbandry...

what people will do with the knowledge they have got...

it would be irresponsible to teach them anything.

it would be irrespondible to teach people in new zealnd about organ transplant, say, because they'd start harvesting organs from teh poor to give to the rich.

and so on...

so basically cut off from the world...

people don't really come here anymore (before covid) sharing scientific knowledge or whatever.

they don't want to help us do basic science research... demonstrating basic competence.

and if you are literate they surely won't get your thesis to the external examiners.

when you don't pay people enoguh for them to get a passport (will they even process my application for one if i apply?) the people don't have freedom of movement either.


where is my degree?

i just cannot fathom. i just cannot fathom that they refused to confer my degree and they refused to enrol me in medicine.

i just cannot fathom.

they refuse to follow the laws. and then there is a systemic... systematic... complete. complete and utter break-down on their part.

the courts refuse to uphold the law.

there's really nothing here. not for me.

but i was born here and they don't get to choose.

but they are bullies. and might is right and biggest bully wins and they think since i don't have an angry mob too bad i lose.


new zealand is a land of psychopaths. is all i see...

i just cannot fathom what they have done to me.




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