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culture of bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on May 22, 2021, at 14:23:15

build it and the people will come.

the christchurch hospital. that was what they wanted. a large hospital and all the people to fill it.

prior to the hospital being built they would have had security guards on the door telling people to 'go away' when they presented for assistance.

they would have had the ambulance service diverting people to their gps or to after hours clinics.

they would have been telling people who presented to go away. keep them long enough for their gp office to open and sending them away then.

but now there is a hospital they want to fill it up.

and they want more money.

so they'll be keeping people in the hallway on the floor until they get more money.


the university of auckland paid a ransom to keep alumni donation information private. i wonder how many donations there were between 'you have been waitlisted for medicine' information sent out midnight 24 December and the university opening a couple weeks later. i wonder how many donations they accept between waitlist offers and offers of enrolment, i mean to say.

anyway... the alumni donar list information was kept private because the university paid a ransom to hackers. via some company in south carolina.

but the waikato district health board has said it won't be paying a ransom to hackers. it is reconstructing file notes from backups it has kept. i suppose they are using it as a... pretext... to get rid of file notes that were written by frauds over the years. removing records where they wrote prescritpions. where they involnutarily confined people without authority. kidnapping, i suppose it is. where they injected them with excessive doses of medication or gave them ect when they had not been medically trained and when they had no authority.

i suppose they may be using it as a pretext to offer some present day instruction on file notes. sort of... how to write a history sorts of instruction. the sort of thing that clues people into the people being frauds / not having been adequately trained. the unnecssary judgements. the failure to ask relevant information that anybody competent...

our news fails to distinguish between news and advertising. i mean... there will be articles on there being a new flavor of chocolate released by a particular brand. shameless advertising masquerading as news. product placement.

they are starting with the hard sell on the vaccines now. bullying people into compliance with psychological tactics and techniques. insinuating that people who say they don't want a vaccine are simply saying they haven't recevied enough information yet and they just need to be 'informed' a little more... persistently... before compliance...

the government waived the peoples right to sue the manufacturer for adverse events. the government approved the vaccine for emergency authorisation. it's an experimental vaccine. and there is no community transmission. and there is no evidence that being vaccinated preventes community transmission. and in the face of all that the tactics for compliance are heavy handed. people have lost their jobs already for not being vaccinated.

it's just a culture of bullies. new zealand. does not understand informed consent. does not understand consent. refuses to hear anything it doesn't want to hear including 'no'.

people who refuse to hear what the law is saying when they don't want to hear it.

people who refuse to enforce the law, even.

i am glad that the world won't give us euthanasia drugs. i didn't realise how bad things were in teh hospitals. teh forced compliance. the incrrect judgements and assumptions on the basis of file notes.

how is it possible for there to be cooperation at all?

i never really properly understood that the only reason people wnat to know is so they can seek and destroy it.

they keep me constantly fighting to retain what i have to retain what i have to retain what i have to retain what i have in order to prevent growth to prevent development to prevent anything more.

and what little she has will be taken away.

refuse to acknowledge qualifications completed.
refuse to acknowledge competencies established.

just a continual taking away.

just a denial. 'and what are you going to do about it?'

we aren't going to do any of the things that we are supposed to do...

and what are you going to do about it?

so new zealand is a land where life is nasty bruitish and short because nobody does what they are supposed to do and teh bigest bully always wins. the judges don't enforce or uphold the laws. the police don't collect evidnce (merely fail to collect it or involuntary confine people without grounds). the medical people don't do proper assessments or kepe accurate records or do any of the things they are supposed to do... the teachers are mostly pedophiles... attracted to the profession and given teaching certification precisely because of establishing a history of pedophilia or other forms of child abuse...

we hear of these things all the time in the media... and how nothing will be done about any of these things. nothing will be done. name suppression for offenders will be granted, even, on the grounds that they have relationships with people who will be upset if people know their husband or father or whatever is a murderer or sexual offender or whatever. 'we just thought we could do whatever we wanted -- everybody else was doing it' is actually supposed to be some kind of defence.

the given is never given. always the 'nononononononono we don't accept it'.

like with the whole thing about the world trying to get to gether and make progress on things like climiate change or slavery. and new zealand decides to deny the obvious and drag it's heels and prevent development. keep things back in the dark ages. find in favor of the wealthiest bully ofenders and find against those who were wronged and who were oppressed.

upside down and back to front land...

what a f*ck*ng waste of a life




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