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Re: so... i wonder how it works.

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 15:34:40

In reply to Re: so... i wonder how it works., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 15:21:58

because my life has been planned out for me and i'm only allowed to go:

i'm so glad i'm a gamma baby cleaning my supervisors cats vomit. i can't imagine a better life for me.

and i suppose the idea was that i would just be a humble servant...

and in 4 or 6 or 10 years the other professors and the visitng professors and the university administration would put more and more and more pressure on my supervisor to allow me to be signed off.

and the visitng professors would say tehy had money to keep me. and they would set up something to transition me into. the supervisor would be given an offer for his slave. i mean they would get to say they had a student who got signed off who got a job. that makes it more likely they will get more studnets.

when studnets hear that you never get jobs from doing phd's in philosophy... then.. well that's the strategy they take in new zealand. do a phd in philosophy and spend the rest of your life working on your phd because there never will be a job for you and we will just keep getting government money indefinately for keeping you as a hostage. a slave. never signing you off. theres no job for you. nobody will pay you to do this. you pay us. you pay us. you pay us. you pay us. you pay us. you pay us...

why would anybody enrol in that degree?

well that's right. they go... why would anybody enrol in tha tdegree? it's like they are making an informed consent decisiont be abused. they must have no self esteem. they are willing to set themselves up for a lifetime of debt by enrolling in a degree with us where they are going to pay us indefinately and they will get nothing in return... except for the 'university experience' which is exploitation and abuse.

who wants to enrol int aht programme?

well, then, you deserve whta tyou get.

hey, who wants to sign up for an experiment feeding infants milk formula that's been designed to be too low in potassimum? ahem, i mean, we don't know if it's too low in poatassium because we haven't done a randomised double blind control trial yet. hey, you wanna do that experiment? you wannat be that guy? there's a post-doc in it for you if you wanna be that guy. the new zealnd government will (it turns out) fund that. fund those kinds of studies. and only those kinds of studies...


to keep the people busily working to go to Harvard? where the research doesn't appear to be psychopathic.

a magical distant land where studnets involved in rape over the summer holidays are excluded (rather than included) because of their crimes. where professors lose their laboratories for running laboraties where there is evidnce that falsification of laboratory data takes place where professors are held accountable fo rthe integrity of their studnets findings. wehre there is incentive on professors to behave with integrity.

a magical land like that.




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