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Re: so... i wonder how it works.

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 14:14:14

In reply to Re: so... i wonder how it works., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 13:44:52

just follow orders alex. kill who we say when we say because we say with a smile on your face -- thats what it means to be a doctor in new zealand. right? there's kids who will do it with joy in their hearts. why would we pick you?'

and that's the message i get.

over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

new zealand: nothing to see here! move along!

university of otago...

you can do anatomy (but your opportunities will be seriously limited because only medical doctors get to do this, that, and the other thing). so mostly you will be kept as a medical doctor fanboy. we like to keep the fanboys around. we like to divide and conquer. it keeps things particularly oppressive for the medical doctors, too. having all the 'support staff' hating them. for the opportunities they (allegedly but likely not actually) have... forensics. you know. to find that someone just drops dead of no good reason and they certainly weren't murdered by the government. and of course that pedophile is dead and that's the pedophile. it wasn't that the pedophile killed the pedophile killer and we did the body sub with no dental records and a closed casket... not at all. and of course we never feed prisoners to each other in the slops. that's not our plan for kuru on the aged care (moving into youth care) institutions.

course not.

nothing to see here. move along.

and the bioanthropology. but of course there are limits on the human remains thing. only 50 years in nz. so you can go grave robbing in cemetaries no problem, but nothing that might implicate anything to do with a crime. no body identification. no medical implant retrieval. nothing like that...

no finding microchips on people.

nothing like that...

no finding organs have been removed...

no finding things have been implanted...

ntohign like that. of course. nothing like that.

hmm... what else...

what else is alex allowed to do.

basiclaly... anything. anything EXCEPT what she wants to do.

that's the nature of the oppression you see.

and of course they fill the course with quite a few from parental expectation.

i mean... the more people they have doing things they don't want the more opporessive things are. thereby the more harlene hayes has made it in life. the more you manage to get people doing things they don't want to do the more you win. you see... that's the real measure of a true leader. success in life.

displaying the authority to walk into any studnets bedroom. whether they be in university accommodation or not. to confiscate things you do not approve of.

your unlimited power!!!!

do they really want her at Curtain? does australia really want her to prevent curtain from developing??

hmm.... trying to understand...

but sure. the message is loudly and clearly 'go away alex. nothing to see here. go away. get lost'.


in the earlier days of my time at Otago i managed to get to a few talks.

genuine talks.

some of them were quite good.

but when i wasn't as easily... compliant.

with the decision they had made about the options that were open to or available to me...

then there was some kind of take-over.

the message got louder and clearer that there was nothing to see and it was time for me to bugger off.


the housing...

they are very into 'dr pane' gets to be a dentist. because it's funny haha.

xx toogood (actual last name) gets to be a judge. because that's funny haha. also his father was a gameshow host on tv. a show called 'it's in the bag'. people choose 'the money or the bag'. now we have a saying 'well with justice toogood we know it's in the bag!!' lol. it's very funny. that's the sort or kind of thing they like to see more of in new zealand. because of the message it conveys, i suppose. that everything is fixed. it's opporessive. right?

but the people who take themselves to be the elite white in new zealand find these sorts of things amusing. like... with a name like that things were all laid out. the future was fixed. it was inevitable. there was nothing anybody could do about that. events just unfolded the way they were supposed to.

would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?

its in their nature. we just do a longitudinal study observing the obvious unfold. our observational study (no intervention only observation) isn't altering anything (yeah right).

our failure to intervene to prevent human abuses like those damn 'rate my customer service officer' machines... is just allowing the inevitable to unfold. i mean she's just acting in accordance with her nature -- right?

i remember the relatively early talk by the australian ethics guy. basically saying that the australians (many of them) are taught that they are working off bonded places or they don't get to do medicine at all. working off the bonded places means complying with government directive. whether it be upliftnig kids to state care or performing euthanasia or whatever. you do what you are told when you are told because you are told or you don't have any job at all. no training programme. no job. your job is to do as you are told. that is the job. that is the nature of the job.

because that's one of the forms modern warfare takes. how we keep popualtions opporessed. feeding them infant milk formula that's been carefully formulated to keep them in a state of nutritional deprivation and the like...

keeping attention focused on 'accidental' thing sthat will take money and resources to fix. adn saying it is hard but we are trying...

diverting attention from all the money and resources we intentionally invest and expend on artificially holding back and keeping down.

all the work that harlene hayes put into keeping so many of the university of otago employees living in fear. constant fear. working for less and less pay. believing they were expendible and replaceble. breeding a culture of fear adn opporession.

all the work that went into that. that goes into that. all the time and energy and resources to keep the people down. keep them down. all the policies...

the invisible hand really isn't invisibl.e it's pretty darned obvious...

knowing that she came through psychology makes sense of a lot of it.
and the auckland guy... that he came through writing a thesis (or having a thesis written for him) about the lambs that inevitably die every year (for the insurance money i suppose) because of lack of feed in the winter time in the south island of new zealand. it's a great background to be leader of a university. keeping the studnets as sheeple.

that was the plan to prevent the growth and development of new zealand universities.

that appears rather obviously to have actually been the plan.




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