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Re: and end...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:44:59

In reply to Re: and end..., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:36:04


they write it up in the new zealand medical journal. how they are required to give cervical examinations to women when they are instructed to by senior medical officers. the students, i mean. sort of 'i need to observe you performing this procedure for you to complete this rotation'. they save the rotation until one of the very last rotations... near the end of the 5th year. sort of 'you have to do this or you won't proceed to your 6th year' sort of an ultimatum.

so there is pressure for the studnet to comply with the medical officer telling them to perform a cervical examination. on a women who is anesthetised on the table for something unrelated. or maybe she's in the process of having a cesarian. or something like that.

so she hasn't consented to been given a cervical examiantion by a studnet. or by more than one student. or by a room full of studnets.

and so the studnets perform the examinations. adn they get signed off.

and apparently in tehir ethics class they are asked to write sort of journal entries about how they felt about giving cervical examiantions to women who hadn't consented to the procedure.

and so over the years they collect these journal entries. and i suppose that that ethics class is also something they are graded on. expected to write.. whatever they are told to write fro that one too, no doubt.

to sort of train them up in the appropriate attitude, i suppose.

they are supposed to be all like...

'oh well in this rotation we did this and we all did that together and that was what we were told to do. and we didn't know that it was wrong. and tehn in our ethics class they told us that the women might not like that. and we never thought of that. but now we feel sad.'

and that's how they teach them ethics. year after year after year after year. and how they teach them to do what they are told. year after year after year. with the cervical exams.


and there's so many other things they could do.
so many other ways of doing it.

actually paying prostitutes to be informed consenting model patients.

that would be one option. if people would agree to be model patients.

perhaps even donating to do cervical examinations and std checks for free for people from the prostitutes collective or something like that. if people would consent to a free health check from a student (where the samples are sent to the lab)...

so many ways you would think of where it could be done responsibly...

teaching respect...

but they intentionally choose to do things poorly, seems to me.

then they insist there is no alternative and force things to stay teh way they've always been.

insist that there was no alternative.

they are not responsible for the things they have done because there was no alterantive.

they lack the capacity to conceive of any other option therefore there was no other option there was no alternative it is their way or the highway they are not interested in developing at all.


just training up the next generation of psychopaths...




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