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Re: and end...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:22:39

In reply to Re: and end..., posted by alexandra_k on May 21, 2021, at 3:11:40

i don't know if australia actually wants her to be vc at curtain to somehow keep that university suitably oppressed...

maybe there is a lot of corruption with the mining...

wanting to ensure australia doesn't develop much in the way of capacity for manufacturing...

i see why you might want to stabotage and undermine a nations attempts to develop technology and so on...

when they are very corrupt. morally backwards. it would be irresponsible to teach them anything. keepign things... noisy... is a defence, i suppose. from having to worry what they'll do with power. i mean... look at wha tthey do with the power they have got.

look at what the health leaders have done with the new zealadn health system.
with the power they had.
all that money... what they chos eto spend all tha tmoney on...

why would you give them more???

they won't invest in training a workforce.

they just want cheap cheap cheap and the appearance or illusion of...

cheap cheap cheap.

i mean... that's what you really need to know about statistics in new zealand:

they start by cleaning their data.

that is to say they get rid of data points they don't like and they make up data points they do like.

and anything that builds upon that foundation is garbage garbage garbage.

complete waste of time.

so any statistical analysis...


psychology 101: correlation doesn't prove causation.
the coroner says: 'there isn't any proof that smoking causes cancer'
i mean...

'there isn't anhy proof that asbestos exposure causes cancer'
'there isnt' any poof that that medication causes death'
'there isn't any proof that any government department or agency is implicated in anything at all that might lead to them being responsible and needing to cover costs in any way'
'there isn't anything that could establish that of the new zealand government'
'by definition they are above the law'

that's what the coroner is paid half a million of dollars per year to say.

it's been decided before they've even begun the investigation.

that's the interesting thing you see when you file one case
another case
another case

you see the template in their responses.

the little phrases that are the same for every filing.

'you are ineligible because you are the wrong kind of thing to be eligible'

'your applciation for food has been declined because food is not a necessary need'

that kind of garbelled garbage output.

that no international tribunal would find plausible at all.

just over and over and over and over and over the garbelled incoherent ravings of lunacy...

the lengths they got to to cling ot their money.

so there's an article about how psychiatrists get to work with the worst of the criminal offenders. real minds of the psychopaths.

yes. they do.

the senior medical peopel. not the criminals lol. the criminals are locked up because they are the ones who would dole out justice to pedophiles.

the pedophiles keep them locked up.

new zealand: Best country in teh world in which to be a pedophile.




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