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i made it in life!!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2021, at 21:02:35

In reply to Re: the country with the least productivity, posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2021, at 20:37:01

i'm on 5 board of directors with 3 CE salaries.

i do meetings... and in meetings i can just spout garbage really. be obstructive. hold things up. or maybe i have hair brained schemes about how we are going to all figure a pay rise for ourselves.

the front line workers are the pawns.

the idiots who didn't know that life is all about grubbing up the money tree tobe on boards and to be CEs

i mean..

no matter what you do..

nursing. teaching. medicine. academics. police. fire. cleaning.

it doesn't matter.

it's all the same game. grubbing your way up teh money tree.

to a position of all of the moneoy and none of teh work.

people who do the actual work are idiots. chumps.

that's why they simply can't comprehend people being particular. about their calling or their passion.

all the other jobs are... mundane. pushing things from a to b. just wayst o bide time to get ones way up on a board or a ce managerial admnistration kind of a thing.


and that's all we do all day. manage and administrate...

and it doesn't matter what.

because there isn't really any genuine productivity.

just a bunch of monkeys.

proclaiming to be developed nation.


refuing to allow devaelopment.

refusing to pay workers.

not valuing people. truly. just not valuing them. thinking their own value is derative or dependent on them.

we don't produce anything.


none of it.

no concecption of meaning. value. purpose. good.

just none of it.

there's nobody home




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