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Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:03:39

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:51:25

they said i needed to do a 1 year qualification to be eligible for entry to medicine in nz.

that was the only reason why i enrolled in that qualification. because they said i needed to enrol in a qualification that was at least 1 year long and that one allowed me to keep my previous GPA.

which is a pro now that they engage very very partiuclarly in this process of grade fixing.

i was pretty sure my previous grades would be good enough. so all i need to do is (according to them) finish 1 year of work in 1 year. sure. no problem.

so they refuse to get it to external examiners. refuse to allow them to sign me off. refuse to calcuate my GPA according to their own algorithm...

they say they only consider *full time* GPA. appparently that's because they don't want to allow an advantage to people to take only 1 course per year and do really really well because of the light work-load.

which seems fair. which seems reasonable. yes. understood.

but nowdays they engage in this process of grade fixing or grade adjustment to justify choices they have already made. so they can say to someone they didn't meet the GPA requirement because they fiddled their grades or adjusted their grades because they wanted this kid over there in and that other kid over there out. that kind of a thing. i am fairly sure that is what they do. because the university council retains the right to alter grades apparently. and, well, why wouldn't they if they are getting away with it? and from everything i have seen... i'm sure they do.


what this means... is that when i'm enrolled and i see that they plan to flunk me to keep my gpa down... because i'm actually doing alirght in chemistry (despite never having studied it in school) so they start saying 'come see me' (which i know is code for 'so we can abuse you' -- and so i don't go) and so they start to fail me. give me failing grades for my assignments.

so i drop out of everything.

to preserve my gpa.

and i did. i preserved my gpa.


what lengths are they prepared to go to?

are they going to start falsifying my transcript now?

they say...

they say that new zealand qualifications depreciate in value. they say that the reason i needed to do a new degree was because my previous degree was completed more than 5 years ago. and even though i stayed active in academia (wrote publication, gave a numbe rof seminars and so on) they say that the degree depreciates with time since graduation.

tehy just refuse to acknowledge it.

new zealand universities refuse to acknowlege new zealadn university degrees.

they sort of self-destructed, really.

they showed that tehy dno't follow their objective criterion for medical selection at all.

they just pick whoever they want for whatever arbitrary reasons they want...

so now teh new zealand pubilc can see why we have so many bribring murdering rapists wokring in the public hopsitals.




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