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Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:07:25

In reply to our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:02:10

the point being that it isn't that it's costlier to punish.
it's costlier not to punish.
it's costilier to not punish offenders.
then people take justice into their own hands, you see.
and 1 person can't do due process all by themselves.
so there will start to be all kinds of collateral damage.
errors of judgement and the like.

also failure to punish...

good people can't do business with new zealand when new zealand will cheat and lie and swindle and reneg if it thinks it can get away with it.

it's tiresome trying to do business with someone you have to stand over and babysit.

its like new zealand is a three year old throwing three year old tantrums.

the world has to put it into timeout periodically.
trade sanctions.

refusing to allow people to come here until it is safer for them.
presently... our tourism industry doesn't follow the most basic of health and safety regulations thus putting so very many people's lives at risk.
couple that with a dysfunctional health system...

responsible countries can't let their people come here, anymore.

to risky.

on the 'recommended not to travel there' list.
for the safety and wellbeing of their people.

this was pre-covid.
it will be post-covid.

our idiot economics leaders think we are squandering our covid advantage.
they think that since we didn't have community transmission when other countries were in teh midst of the pandemic we had this distinct and unique advantage...


their view of it...

attract high value people who wouldn't come here otherwise.

particularly: healthcare workers.

that is to say... we thought we could gruby grrub grub up cheap healthcare workers because of our unique covid free status.

we desired

we desired

the deserters.

the people who were trained to help sick people who turncoated and fled (get this) *abandoning their own families*. that's the thing. i could understand contientious objection to what was going on in many healthcare settings as a desire to leave (but then you have to factor what will happen in our hospitals when our wave finally gets here)...

we wanted people who were prepared to abandon their families.

we thought these people were high value.


there's a divide and conquer about it...

when i think on it.

i can think of the fate of many of my close friends, in nz.

this one... his wife is paid very well indeed. he's expected to live by the grace of her. no income of his own. her house-pet.

that one... again for that.

another one... yeppers. same story.

one more... yup. that's the idea.

something in the news... this south african guy. deemed high value.

they have him a very very high paying job.

to keep his wife and 2 daughers.

we won't let the daughters be local. they need to international student full fee pay... so he pays for them to study overseas... correspondance. you know. so we pay him to keep his women at home...

another one... a husband and wife pair both doctors.

one is offered work. the other... will never work in new zealand.

that's how we do.

create inequality.


divide and conquer.

always picking and choosing the oppressor and teh oppressed.

addicted to the dynamic.




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