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Re: does anyone remember...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:39:29

In reply to does anyone remember..., posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:28:10

and it's there. in the judgement of the courts. on the record. for future law studnets to see. to decide if they want to be lawyers in a country where the justices say such things in their judgement.

i mean i suppose the way of it is that there are the people who are going to be paid. collecting up all the money.

and then there's the other kids who we only let into the training programmes because they are fun to abuse at office parties.

i think what happened was this guy was on his way out anyway. or he was out anyway.

it was doing a lot of damage to the big and fancy law firm of wellington that there had been allegations of senior people within the firm sexually abusing studnets.

so they found this guy who is mostly gone anyway... and it seems they out of court settled (or bribed or similar) a bunch of lawyer girls to parade before the courts cases of drunken smooches stolen at busy parties. the sort of thing that was comparable to what you would get in a nightclub. only not acceptable because of who he was and the power differential.

and of course the courts will find he was wrong. and give him a slap on teh wrist. and proclaim to have rescued the notion or ideology of justice for a new generation.

but the out of court settlement was likely for outright rapes conducted by people who are likely still there.

i mean to say people were upset about x going on in the firm (a very serious offence in any country you like).

the rumors of someting in the vicinity of x were pretty bad.

to 'disarm' the rumours they get a bunch of people to make allegations of the lesser or least version of x that there is.

and of course the women who are likely still being sexually abused by present people within the firm... and the like...

are given teh very ery ery very clear message indeed that there will be no justice for them in the courts.

i imagine that they see who seems susceptible.. amendable... the office parties. teh senior partners. and the ones deemed suitable get introduced to the judges.

i imagine that's how it works.

it's interesting how in teh court rooms you get different judges, for sure.

whether they think they are bowing before the insignia (representing justice) or whether they think you are bowing before them.

you get little inclings in the questioning. when i am respectful because taht's the way i am. when they still feel the need to assert their dominance for arbitrary reasons / arbitrary grounds. to see if i am a person who will do that.

failing to do that. failing to cow before an arbitrary and capricious judge is...


in their eyes.

it's the little psychopath test that there is to ensure only the psychopaths get picked

(oh pick me pick me!)

what a f*ck*ng farce.




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