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does anyone remember...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 17:28:10

the post-modernist essay generator?

it would string together a bunch of fancy post-modernist sounding words and produce an essay.

it was a joke about how post-modernism is incomprehensible. how people outside the field don't understand the lingo. how it sounded like word salad from the outside.

but that's the way that it's gone.

you produce post-modernist essay generated word-salad to your supervisor and they tell you 'wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. find a quote from x author. delete that. write this. delete that. write this' until they've written your work for you. years too late. of course. years and years too late after many many years of them telling you how garbage and crap you are and how clever and wonderful you are for repeating their own words back to them extra special slow.

now we get to the judgment generator. from the courts.

we get to the filings.

little phrases.

did you know that teh courts can choose not to process / proceed with a hearing unless you pay a bribe. ahem, a filing fee of around $7,000.

if government prosecutiion functioned the way it was supposed to and actually prosecuted the things it was supposed to then, well...

and if the courts found in the interests of natural justice. actually. well...

and if a person was in the positition to borrow at low credit or whatever... and have that covered by the courts when the courts found in teh interests of natural justice. well...

but we have this case where they argue for the case to be dismissed on the grounds that a 'reasonable and solvent applicant would not pursue the case'. it's basically a formalised way of saying 'the applicant is poor and unreasonable'.

and i get to listen to / read aboout how i am such things. over and over.

because if the court process isn't abusive they aren't doing their job.

that's the only job there is in nz -- right? getting paid megabucks to abuse many people mostly.

they keep putting little garbage phrases in the judgement. sort of accusing me of making a category error.

little pithy phrases that they get from the judgement generator.

things like how the matter 'isn't the right kind of thing to be x'. and of course always with the substitution of the case that you broght befor ethem with the case that is unwinnable.

you say x. they hear y.

you say it is raining.

they say they see no reason to beieve that it is snowing. and by the way teh applicant is unreasonable and insolvent.

they say that while z and p might provide some grounds to believe that it is snowing. this is only a technicality. there is no substance to the fact that it is snowing. snow is the wrong kind of thing to be x.

that's the style of the reasoning.

over and over and over and over and over...

there doesn't appear to be a functioning judiciary.




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