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Re: hey ho usa how many kids did ya kill today?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:26:55

In reply to Re: hey ho usa how many kids did ya kill today?, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:17:54

and the work you do as a kid it's all just about 'yes sir no sir anything you say sir' sleeping with your boss when required. working the long hours under conditions of sleep deprivation because your boss gets off on making you do that. forcing you to do that. forcing you to comply...

then they give you a little bit of power over others. to see if you get with the program of taking your frustrations out on those you have power over. just to check you are on board with the whole psychopathy programme.

and if you are then more people for you to manage. more people. more money for you. more people for you to abuse. to arrange teh abuse of. that's how it works.

all the way up to god, you see. ALL THE PEOPLE. the power to be dark lord over ALL THE PEOPLE


if you think that's the way it works then why did you want to join us?


i didn't. i wanted to study medicine. i didn't realise what a f*ck*ng psychopathic sh*t show new zealand was. i didn't know. i knew that our leaders and the people picked out to lead didn't seem that bright...

it was puzzling when people would come from overseas and give talks and stuff. the obvious jump. the vast trench of a disparity between the quality of what was going on overseas and anything that was produced, here.

sort of... embarrasing. to see the level of engagement. the questions allowed to be asked. and so on. of our leaders, here.

sort of wanted to say to the visitors... yes... you are puzzled about why these people are in leadership roles. are they really the brightest new zealand had? are they really the best person for their job?

something weird is going on in new zealand...

or are they actually succeeding in a goal to have an entire lpopulation of gamma people...


was that the worlds plan?

that new zealand would be a supplier of gamma people for whatevr gamma positions they wanted filled?


i don't see why or how...

i mean... every country has it's people picked out to do that.

to be your bitch.

to prostitute on demand.

and so on.



but people would prefer for people to develop -- right?

they'd prefer not to have to worry about having their heads beaten in just because someone thought they wanted to do that...

taking out their frustrations???




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