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Re: hey ho usa how many kids did ya kill today?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:17:54

In reply to Re: hey ho usa how many kids did ya kill today?, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:01:41

awwwwwwwwwwww well if that's what you think of us it's not surprising we didn't pick you

the problem is that they think they get to pick

see... they have this objective criterion. to make it fair.

the law says domestic adults are eligible for selection.

but in practice they refuse to regard domestic adults as eligible. like me. they refuse to process my application. they refuse to supply me with an application. because they have chosen 'definate no'. they refuse to enrol me and train me. which is unlawful. for them to be refusing to regard me as eligible. because i am a domestic adult. and the law says i am eligible. and the people paid too much money go 'nononononononono and there's nothing anybody is going to do about that'

well i can tell the world that that appears to be the way that it is.

so if you thought you could cry cry cry for the 'valuable people' trained skilled labor from overseas to meet nzl's need -- while refusing to train your own... well... how long do you think that strategy is going to last you for?

you want 'high quality' rich people to invest in sending their kids here. why would they? why would they think nzl would honor it's contract? nzl lies to people to get them here under false pretences and then REFUSES To do that which it promised. over and over and over again. and they go 'hahahahaa and there's nothing anybody can do about it'.

and apparently the goverment will look after your money. all you small business people. you can just come to nzl and give the government your money. t bonds they call it. you can just give them the money for 1 year that's all the investment we need for your citizenship and new zealand passport.

because new zealand does what it promises.

yeah right.

it doesn.t

new zealand honors its contracts.

yeah right.

it doesn't.

cry cry cry cry cry for more money more money more money more money... to be gambelled away...

apparently ACC (accident compensation authority) is investing money on the USA stock market.

because ACC is an investment company now is it? their job was to pay out to the people so the people could have healthcare.

they pay les mills international...

i don't think les mills pays it's workers. any more than any other company pays it's workers in new zealand.

you pay them... and you pay tehm.. and you pay them and you pay...

and they might allow you to teach a class...

or not...

and you pay them and you pay them and you pay tehm and you pay...

and you wear teh clothing of their sponsor.

you pay to wear the cloting of their sponser.

because that's how new zealand doen't work.

there's the people tehy pay...

and there's the people the government will only allow to remain alive whilre recordng a negative amount against the persons name.

i have negative value to the new zealand government only.

look at all thep eople thely value:

look at all the work they do

look at the biggest beneficiaries of new zealand

the likes of peter boshier, and so on... all of these people who chose to devote their lives to ensuring people in new zealand are constantly deprived of their most basic of needs.

intentionally setting up abusive situations. condoning them. intentionally employing people to do that. intentionally turnign ablind eye to that.

a nation of abusers.



the administration.

don't get me wrong -- australia isnt' any much better.

isn't anhy better.

every now and then they put in a call for new zealanders.

sort of round up a few.

tell them australia will give them a better life.

as third class australians.

then they'll arrange for new zealanders to treat them as they were treated in new zealand


i mean why wouldn't you if you could get away with it?

why wouldn't you undermine the entire apprensiceship system in order to keep slaves?

and plagues

and i suppose we see the productivity. the output. you see something of how mjuch people with capacity can function when the sh*t hits the fan.

new zealand didn't manage to do anything.

anything we managed was foreign people doing it for us or sorting it out for us.

our leaders are f*ck*ng idiots.

apparently they studies at new zealadn universities and they got themselves new zealand qualifications and degrees.

apparently they did.

fastest degrees ever.


from a system that refused to develop

refuses to develop

more money!!!! more money!!!! where's the money!!!! where's the money!!!! money money !!! money money money money money money money!!!!!

grubbity grub gru bgrub it's all about the money.

all about keeping people in conditions of deprivation to teach them to focus on the money money money money monedy

and abusing little kids. of course.

just for sh*ts and giggles




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