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Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:07:50

In reply to Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:02:10

and there are people who *want* to do it.

the issue is that we would *only* hire and promote...

well, we went the low road.

we chose to hire people who don't produce. who won't produce. perhaps who can't produce. people who will be motivated to ensure that they prevent others from producing. people who don't see value in what they do. who don't really do.

the university chose to employ people who are not really involved in research. people who aren't producing so much as even one new paper or talk or idea or whateve per year.

they chose to do that.

of all the people who applied (even when they don't really publically advertise) they choose the people who don't value the field.

they chose to hire people who don't see value in the field.

i'm not their mother.
i'm not their therapist.

they have money to pay a therapist.
they won't.

they'll just take it out on the people around them.

they have the power.

why wouldnt they when they get away with it. when it's what we value in new zealand. people with power abusing people without power. that's why you want power -- right? all the abuses you can do with it.

this country makes no f*ck*ng sense because 'might is right' and thebiggest bully gets the way is the only language they understand.

everybody is too busy grubbing up the money grub tree to function. it's arbitrary what you do for your money grub. you can be ce of this that AND the other. it's all... just a big money grub.

preventing whatever it ist hat the job was nominally for or about.

the job that was nominally about x because of... internatioal obligations that we lacked the capacity to undertand the reason / rationale for and chose to employ people to stabltage / undermine it.

would you like to do business with new zealand??




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