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i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:40:31

In reply to Re: chief ombudsman peter boshier, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:31:54

because out degrees depreciate in value.

the new zealand univeristies decreed that a qualification from a nz university granted more than 5 years ago isn't worth anything. because the skills and knowledge deteriorates and is obliterated after 5 years.

that's what they say.

and the courts go 'okay'

even when the justices law degrees were conferred more than 5 years ago.

even when the vc and the dean's degrees were conferred more than 5 years ago.

because it turns out, really, that degrees don't mean anything...

they start fiddling the transcript, now. start altering the course codes so the course codes don't match anyting listed in the calendar.

so if someone from overseas goes 'university of waikato -- never heard of it. is that some rubbish pay for a degree university where you pay tehm money and they give you a degree when you didn't do the work'

(a university where you do the work and they don't give you your degree)

and the answer to that question...

what the university of waikato has chosen to do...
what the universities of new zealand have chosen to do...
what the courts of new zealand appear to be in thep rocess of choosing to do:

is saying 'yes'. 'that's right'. 'we choose to not give studnets who have completed their work to international standarsd of scholarship their degrees. because we don't like wha tthey say. and in order for you to get a degree from us you need to take at least 2x the normal standards time thus proclaiming to the world that you are sllllllllllllllllloooooow worker (so no pay for you) or likely what will happen is that your supervisors and so on will write it for you (so it's plagarised). or force you to make changes which constitute lying about your data. 'cleaning' it we call call it. throiwng out outliers and making up data points'

and so on.

it's what we choose. it's what we have chosen.

we hunted about the world for people we believed to be vulnerable. people who we believed would be powerless in the face of whatever we wanted to do to them.

then we enrolled them in degrees...

and put them to work (or not. we don't care actually).

and we collect money for them. we collect money for them. we collect money for them.

we hold them as hostages.

we collect money for them.

and the money we get.... goes to pay peter boshier to say he doesn't see anything wrong with the way we keep asylum seekers until they pay ransoms set by the government.

and the money we get... goes to pay ashley bloomfield to brek the law with impunity. and the money we get... goes to pay the ce of the auckland district health board to hire bullies to abuse people until they learn not to present fo rhelp frm the public system.

see what we do with the money we get?

it's not respoinsble to give the nz governmetn money. the choices they make.




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