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Re: goals

Posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 9:21:18

In reply to Re: goals, posted by alexandra_k on May 11, 2021, at 1:07:14

the problem i have...

is that their goal... is an epiphenomenon of my goal. that is to say... if things were progressing towards my goal, then their goal would be met. par for the course.

and their job is to... help me with my goal.

they help other people with their goals. apparently. they have a lot of people enrolled with them for a diversity of reasons. they reckon. a diversity. people with minimal expectations of getting x number of literacy credits so they can become police or... you know. that kind of thing...

they pay them money... they jump through whatever hoops. they get credits. they get a job. they get paid.

yay. what life is about.

jumping through whatever hoops: and getting paid.

what's the alternative?

don't pay her, then.

don't pay her.

so then she can die in a toxic mouldy house hahahahhahhahahahahha that'll teach her.

that life is about

getting paid.

they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me

is all they can say.

they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me they pay me.

and, of course: they don't pay me.

i'm the chump who is forced to work for free...

apparently the amount of legal work that i have generated... the people with the money in nz (the universities)... being required to hire lawyers... the amount of legal work that i have generated... and the courts... keeping them busy. apparently.

for the obvious injustices that they refuse to acknowledge. because they find in favor of who pays them.

what a f*ck*ng farce




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