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Re: neurenberg trials

Posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 16:06:59

In reply to neurenberg trials, posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:58:41

it's just an expression of pathology.

we have this thing about how abused people go on to abuse others.

that's apparently why so many of the people in the prisons and the like. on diability and the like. why they are where they are. locked out of socieity. no meaningful employment. no control over resources sufficient to look after themselves and perhaps to raise a family to independence. constantly... punished... excluded... because...

well because they were abused. they were victims. that's why. it's the long term effects of that abuse and victimisation. it's very sad. that so many new zealanders have criminal or psychiatric or medical problems so that they are excluded. all because they were abused. historically. you know.

but it seems the ones excluded are teh ones who... don't get off on abusing others the way tehy were abused. sometimes they do in fact commit crimes. know what kinds of crimes they commit? onest hat involve them standing up to the abuser. not crimes against innocent people. not crimes against vulnerable people.

people who commit crimes against vulnerable people are hailed as mighty leaders. they are polic eofficers. judges. doctors. ambulance officers. and the like. they are the ones on payroll. t hat's the quality that is valued. the willingness to exploit the vulnerable and the people pleasing suck uping and bowing and scraping to those who have power over them.

that's the pathology that is desired here. that's how here works. that's how the system is set up.

i was supposed to beg and beg to have studnets of my own, yo usee. to do teaching work at the uni. for free. for little to no pay. they wanted to see me arbitrarily assigning grades to the students with the same pathology. to the biggest suck ups. the ones who suck up and abuse down.

but i focused on the work. and getting the work done.

and in enrolled in the 'little bitch' degree. the one they market as the one where you are stuck being the little bitch forever because you dodn't get your phd.

because that's supposed to be a big deal. to be a doctor. nobody cares what kind. to be doctor.

and these things aren't important to me.

and i don't belong here.




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