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neurenberg trials

Posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:58:41

In reply to Re: internet privacy, posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:52:06

they think they are clever.

that's why there was this thing recently about the US people wanting the raw data so they could do their own statistical analysis. covid vaccines.

but you can't even rely on nz for useful data.


one of the main criticisms of the neuremberg trials was that a number of people who were guilty of various crimes were given US citizenship or whatever in exhange for information that they had.

there persists in the world, still, the idea that the highest level individuals are immune from consequences and desirable people to have around.

but what do the high level individuals in nz have to offer foreign countries? willingness to exploit others for personal profits... but then you have to manage that person. and then you have this arms race of 'who thinks they are cleverest' and that's time consuming and it takes time away from genuinely productive activities and it's really not all that fun to be honest.


they certainly don't have data that could be useful.

that was a thing about the japanese...

they think that willingness to commit crimes against humanity means they are willing to do what it takes to collect the necessary data?

but their data is dirty. their methods of collection are dirty. they are dirty. they do whatever they want for whatever reasons they want. they find what they want because they only look for what they want and they refuse to look at evidnce to the contrary. they use statistics and even methods of data collection as a tool to be exploited for their own personal interests. so... it's all a really.... boring. but also morally depraved. waste of time. they don't find anything that couldn't be found by alternative (humane) methods. the fact they are too stupid to imagine how is a comment on them.

it's pretty f*ck*ng boring playing state the obvious to people too stupid to f*ck*ng stupid to understand the answer when they see it anyway.

f*ck*ng imbicels.




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