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Re: internet privacy

Posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:47:48

In reply to Re: internet privacy, posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:37:14

NCEA is set up so that in order to get excellence in it you basically need to have your teachers / your schools permission.

because there is an internal assessment component. and you need to get an excellence on that internal assessment component otherwise you can't get excellence in the subject.

maths is very wordy. they like their word problems. you need to write them wordy answers. you need to 'explain your reasoning' in words.

that means they can say 'i don't follow your reasoning' or 'explain more' or 'explain better' or 'not enough explaining' always as a reason why you don't get excellence.

they can give you practice problems where NZ money is rounded to 2dp but in dealing with a foreign currancy nobody has heard of there is a comment about rounding to thousand place since the currency is of so little value.

then in the assessment they can say you don't get excellence because you didn't round to... and they can make up whatever they want, there, so long as they make up the same thing for the same batch of studnets so the students don't gang up and protest.

so the studnets don't go running to their parents.

so the students whose parents pay money to the school don't threaten to remove their child from the school

so the studnets whose parents pay money to the school don't threaten to tell of their rich friends not to invest int that school.


most of the kids aren't even told about achievement standards. they aren't even told that they have been streamed into terminal degree pathways.

see... that's what the mphil degree was (to waikato -- that's what they were thinking unofficially). it's the 'stupid' pathway. they only give that degree or qualification to people who are thought ot be too stupid of giving them a phd. it's a 'terminal' or 'exit' degree. teh highest degree the person was capable of doing.

because they just do whatever they want whenever they want. and actually its a degree for studnets who most universities won't enroll at all.

because they get government money to keep the student as a hostage or slave.

and they have no intention of handing out the degree.

and what are you going to do about it?

they have people law degrees.

and those people wrote them confidential reports saying they could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted because they wanted.

they didn't get students making them secure software systems...





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