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Re: internet privacy

Posted by alexandra_k on May 6, 2021, at 15:10:17

In reply to internet privacy, posted by rjlockhart37 on May 4, 2021, at 14:44:10

There never was privacy online.

But it was nice to think that there was a place to talk to people who seemed like-minded in important respects. People who were helpful and kind.

A place aside from family or work or school. A place where people could talk things through in a way that was safe because a bit removed or independent from the people involved where the other people involved had perhaps different interests or stakes.

> They can see all of it.

Well... I can't see all of your information.

But I would imagine there are people with the know-how to do that, absolutely.

> I just want to help people. Even though i need help

Everybody needs help, sometimes, rj.

It is nice to want to help people.

I am losing that feeling. Of wanting to help people. I think it comes from years and years and years and years and years of people only wanting to help themselves to me.

they seem to have everything tehy want. they want money. grubbity grub grub grub. and they certainly have that. the kiwi way is for people to cry poor poor poor people have so much more overseas... that's what our highest paid army of chief executive chiefs of the managers administration says while they have meeting after meeting after meeting to ensure none of their underpaid staff can function to actually.... *do* anything. which is often just as well given the hair brained schemes they have. they haven't even learned that it isn't good enough to have lots of ideas.... you need to do a little sorting and processing... find the *good ideas* if any. identify the *good ideas* once they have been raised. nope can't do it. money grubbity grub grub grubs... everybody listen to me. sing my praises...

there's nothing here. our law courts don't work and they refuse to deliver consequences sufficient to prevent reoffending etc. our highest judges don't seem to undersetand the function of the legal system. f*ck*ng farce. that appears to be why they are appointed and why they pay them.

> alex, what do you think about internet privacy today? it used to be private in the 2000s

I don't think it did. But I suppose more people are more internet literate. In the 2000's... How many people had internet access? Now... It's compulsory for persons. If you don't have an email account / phone number... Telecommuniations login... An internet print... Well...

I suspect a lot of people have been microchipped already rj.

It's disingenuous to think that we would be microchipping dogs and horses but not doing that to people.

But the technology changes... Then it obsoletes.. . So...

Having everybody carry their own smartphone is a sort of external microchip. I think that is where it is at, moreso. People will pay for their own smartphone. You can get upgrades out to the people.

5G was a big one. Because of being able to stream HD AV. I am sure there are people in the position to listen to whatever smartphone software can detect (independently from whether or not the user has given permission to AV upload from their phone).

The phones are bugs that people voluntarily carry around...

And if security people actually were conccerned about someone it wouldn't be hard to track / follow their online activities to see whether or not they pose an actual threat.

But the technology that can be used to help... To hold people accountable for their crimes... Is also technology that can be used for crimes. Photoshop gets more sophisticated. So a nasty old government like NZ could intentionally set up or frame someone if they wanted to imprison someone for being a victim of abuse but not an abuser.

I suppose I have come to see that we have these abusers running the show, really. The judges and the like. That's why they wanted to be judges I expect. To relive their trauma all day. Listen to victims whine and complain and re-hear and -re-re-hear and -re-re-re-re hear the evidence. Then accuse them of being a liar and so on. I think the judges like that.

Apparently my mother had a bone marrow biopsy that 'didn't hurt at all'. Hmm. I believe they billed for it.




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