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no justice

Posted by alexandra_k on May 3, 2021, at 14:48:19

our justice system doesn't work.

it isn't only that there aren't lawyers for the people... it is that the judges pretend not to have reasoning 101 capacity.

i suppose that is why they hire the people they do to teach critical reasoning. up is down and black is white and in is out and garble garble garble carrots cabbages potatoes...

the system is abusive. the strategy if obvious. you blame the person who is seeing justice. you find the person you think is the weakest in the situation and you turn on them.

it's the same old same old boring old strategy of how nz fails to develop.

i suppose it is more surprising that i expected it to be anything different from that.

i mean...

we don't have an education system. won't process enrolments or completions... i'm getting a good look at the school curriculum now. because apparently the whole university thing is already decided on the basis of school achievement. so i'm getting a look at how the school achievement thing works. or doesn't work. given how nz fails to develop and all...

they keep changing the system so people don't know how it works.

because... it doesn't. that's the point of it. it's just an elaborate ruse or hoax to have the people think that things are fair or just but for various reasons things don't go well for them because...

and the other half have imposter syndrome.

which might, in many instances, be more properly described as insight into how they were selected out for... no good reason at all.

it will make you go crazy trying to get justice from the nz court system.

that is the point of it.

then they go 'you are crazy -- see'.

and that's another one for a government detention facility somewhere. right? that's another one for 'no meaningful employment for you' right? that's another one for... the rubbish heap. right?

nz f*ck*ng draggings it's heels 'nononononononononononononononono'. the us starts. with at least the pretense of justice. imprisoning a 'doctor' for sexually molesting young gymnasts. then australia tries to follow along with an inquiry into abuse. with compensation. dollar dollar bills.

then nz...


how many trade sanctions and threats of exclusion... (see see you are no better than us!!) needed to be imposed before the esteemed leaders would even look into the situation.




(which really means 'sorry you feel that way but we are just going to keep on doing the things we are doing hahahahhahahahahhahahaha what you gonna do about it' from our mighty leaders)

dragging the heels...

it looks like we have been taken over by China.

we have security cameras up everywhere...

apparently some Chinese firm has taken over our visa processing. because that stopped (prior to Covid).

there was some noise about granting visas / residence / reinstating citizenship pathways to all the people who were promised that when they came here.

because we turned out to be f*ck*ng liars.

i only came back to this country because it looked like medicine was a pathway i could do here. because of our public education system. meritocracy. that's what the advertising / marketing was. that's what the f*ck*ng law said. public schools.

but it's a f*ck*ng hoax / scam. a scummy scummy scam.

such a tiny f*ck*ng tinpot hell hole of a garbage land.

there's nothing here




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