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Re: threats

Posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2021, at 17:01:35

In reply to Re: threats, posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2021, at 16:51:45

it really is the case that the NZL think-tank read dystopian novels produced in the '60's and instead of thinking how we can make better futures... decided to choose to invest in worse futures.

because it's so... blatant.

the alcohol strategy particularly. smoking -- to be replaced by vapeing.

the first trimester is very important to the developing foetus. and then with birthing...

keeping them in incubators.

all the soviet orphanage things. we have that, here. we try and dress it up, but that's what's going on. intentionally keeping infants in conditions precisely in order to induce failure to thrive. precisely in order to upset the infant - mother bond.

there has been an inkling recently... some suggestion that maaori take the narrative back from this idea that maaori men are warrior criminals. once were warriors type of narrative. think about how many gentle and kind maaori giants you have known... people know this to be true. tap into that narrative.

the narrative has been this idea that maaori mothers aren't able to bond with their infants so they aren't able to be in tune with the infants needs so they aren't able to provide security and other things to their infants.

but it is also true that government medical doctors intervene to wrench the infants from their mothers during birthing, after birthing and up until the point where the government social workers take the infants and put them in some state care institution to be abused.

we are big on incubators for premature babies in nz.

and studies of nutritional deprivation.

i wonder what is in the water for those kids with the teeth rotting out of their heads and rickets.

apparently it is lack of fluoride that is the problem.

which is precisely what makes me think... that it could be too much fluoride that is teh problem. because someitmes with things like that symptoms of deprivation and symptoms of toxicity are similar enoguh to be fairly indistringuishable. it's a great way of having something magnify or escalate rather than return to homeostasis. teh cure to itself be the driver. so too much fluoride leads to mottled teeth etc. then they can go 'not enough fluoride see see see'

if you wanted to know what dose was toxic for people or growing kids... you could always experiment on tha tpopulation...

or if you wanted to keep that population sick and deprived and so on you could simply make sure they are fed a stream of toxic things. i mean why wouldn't you if you are getting away with it.

i suppose international sources have directed the NZ government to take more direct responsibility for what is going on in the regions. Fobbing things off thorugh many layers of mismanagement. Blaming councils for incompetence etc.




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