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Re: threats

Posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2021, at 16:50:37

In reply to threats, posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2021, at 16:43:19

we just can't / won't do informed consent. they don't / can't / won't understand.

we aren't able to do any of the most basic of things...

you have kids who need a quiet time out room at shcool. a place where they can go (voluntarily of their own choosing) to get away from... other studnets. or noise. or whatever. a slow stimulus quiet place.

traditionally that would have been a library.

but we don't really have libraries, as such, anymore. low stimulus environments. instead we busy libraries up with noise and bustle because we think that if they aren't noisy and bustly they have no function.

so you have these kids who... lash out. because they can't get things to turn down. turn off. step back. get out of my face.

then what happens is people... often... once they have found buttons to push then they push buttons.

if they find a weakness (that's the perception) then they will exploit it. magnify the situation.

then they will cry cry cry for government handouts for having the kid otherwise the kid is to be excluded.

they get money for the special kids you see. so they like to try and make special kids. if you can figure a way to provoke the kid to violence or some kind of outburst like that... particularly when you can get the parents onside of cry cry crying for government handouts...

why wouldn't you if you are getting away with it?

so it comes down to finding wha tis needed... and doing the opposite. to make the situation worse. to cry for more money.

in health
any of the social services, really.

that's how to grow a business. that's the business model.

the thing about the 'handmaids tale' that they forgot... is the background is wrong. the background... is a world in which you have millions upon millions of homo sapiens throwing out... animals.

and just a few precious people being produced.




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