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Posted by alexandra_k on May 1, 2021, at 16:43:19

the medical people in nz are fond of making threats.

before covid they were threatening that people would die in the ER if they didn't get more money. the face of that was the ER nurses. the ones who work more shifts than they are supposed to, the ones who don't go home when they are supposed to. the ones who are burning out. the ones who say that they are burning out and someone is going to die.

the ones who are begging for someone (with some actual f*ck*ng authority) to say 'go home'. as in 'your shift is over -- go home. get out of here. leave right now or security will escort you out. if you aren't on duty get the f*ck out of here'.

a while ago with the white island tragedy thing one of the ER doctors was saying that she never saw so many cardiologists in one room at one time before. and there they were getting in the way in her ER.

and i understand people are traumatised. and there is this whole thing of 'if i don't do it then nobody will and it won't get done' but the other side to that is that you have these people who get in there and get in the way so that other people can't do anything at all.

your shift is over. go home. get some sleep. you aren't any good to anybody else when you burn yourself out like that.

anyway... that was before covid. people will die because there isn't enough money.

then covid came. and there weren't any people in the er. and so they got to have a break?

no... they kept crying for money. they did. the politicians were like 'but there aren't any people in the er... what's your problem now??' but they kept crying for money.

and then there was this thing about training. refusing to train new nurses. refusing to sign them off. refusing to allow anybody else to do anything.

and now the demands are... that people will die in ambulances becuase they won't let them into the er.

and of course when people get into the er they will hold them involuntary to keep up their numbers (like they did to me).

you have medical people saying that if euthanasia is legalised then people will be murdered all over the show.

they are promising.

that's the way to hear that.

they are committed.




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