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no legal counsel

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2021, at 19:28:46

I think it goes like this...

A branch of government. A branch of the executive, I mean to say.

For example: One of the district health boards. Or one of the Universities. A large organisation like that with a lot of money.

What they do is they employ a lawyer to provide legal advise to them. They believe that legal privaledge or something like that actually means that the commissioning party then owns that advise. The counsel can't show it to anybody else. The University can show it to third party if and when it chooses only.

That's what they believe.

Because there was this thing... Was it last year?? About how the lawyer who wrote the report that x action was likely to be considered unlawful in some court or other... About how teh fact that they had been advised against the course of action that they chose to pursue... That could actually be evidence employed in a court against them.

That is to say... Well... Imagine if that wasn't the case.

Imagine if the Auckland District Health Board (for example) was to hire a lawyer to write a confidential report basically that whatever they chose to do was lawful. For example, to say that the CE wasn't personally or criminally responsible at all for atrocities committed in tehir hospital during their time as CE.

The District Health Board (a branch of government) could employ many many many many lawyers to write them confidential reports...

Every now and then they would get a keeper. One that proclaimed that the lawyer couldn't see any reason why they would or could be held to account.

That one might have their NZ law Degree acknowledged by the NZ government!

And the implicit thing is, of course, that the ones who advise against it... Won't get to continue on. They won't get their Degrees acknowledge. They won't get their professional accreditation. Or, at the very least, they won't get asked to write another report by a branch of NZ government.

So teh idea is financial ruin. Because they won't get contracts. No jobs.

So the remainder...

We have large firms who have all been employed by adn kept on payroll by the government for their willingness to write reports saying teh government can do anything it wants.

And the partners have all taken out liability insurance. It used to be 1 million and it recently got increased to 1.3 million.

So that when a senior partner of a firm writes legal advise that something is okay... And it later is found not to be... Then the government can get money back from teh insurance company for the dodgey legal advice form the lawyer.

I imagine that is why lawyers won't competently prosecute government employees for corruption and the like.

I imagine that is why anyone I contact who seems competent says they are conflicted out.

We are a tiny f*ck*ng tinpot little country.

I guess enough people document the crimes of the...

Present administration.

That's the thing. Thinking of 'government' is one thing.... But the problem is the administration (or lack of it or corruption wthin it). That is the problem really.

Too many administrators administrating teh money me-wards. Lots of the problems are simply epiphenomenon of that. Steam byproduct of the workigns of the steam engine. The workings of the diversion of money. The byproducts of not using the money to fund teh wages and goods and so on that it was supposed to be spent on.


The lack of infrastructure. They refuse to legistlate for balance of power so that accountability curbs or limits greed.

I am sure the best of intentions becomes corrupted iwth unlimited power. It isn't a fair position to put anybody in. I think history shows us that over and over and over and over and over...

The government is going to pay the Mongrel Mob (a nz maaori gang) to provide housing to gang members when they are released from jail for them and their family members to live in. While they remain patched members of the mongrel mob.


Because who is the government presently giving the money to in order to provide housing to gang members when they are released from jail?

Did the govermetn provide rehab to the gang members so that there was a way of life for them on release?


People don't want mongrel mob gang members and their families moving in because of the tenandy that there is for loud music into the small hours. Loudly reving motorcycles into the small hours. methamphetamine related crime rages. INto the small hours.

where did the money go -- again???




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