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Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2021, at 17:44:20

In reply to medical doctors won't work for the nz government, posted by alexandra_k on April 25, 2021, at 23:10:11


in the national tour of 'things that have been eradicated in the developed world but are still endemic to new zealand'...

amongst the rheumatic fever...


we have rickets.

in infants.

born in northland. which is more like the southland of the US in terms of climate. that is to say: sunny sunny sunny. the dairy farming capital of the world (they tell us).

we have kids with rickets.

we also have kids with their baby teeth rotting out of their heads.

they blame the parents on getting their kids juice boxes...

but no... there's more to it, going on.


they are going on something about vitamin d.

they like their deprivation studies in new zealand. long term deprivation studies. they are cheap (you withhold basic needs) and you get to observe the obvious unfolding... you get to observe the pain and destruction and harm... you get to observe all that...

calcium phosphate.


something else is replacing things that teeth and bones are supposed to be made of.

that's what makes it toxic. it doesn't leave room for the other things.

they want to fortify food with vitamin d...

they are all about additing things to the milk formula...

mmm hmm...

mmm hmm...

mmm hmm...

it isn't genoide when you force people to breed. i don't know what you call it when you don't provide people with the means / mechanisms to prevent themselves or their children being sexually molested or interfered with.

i think i see that why nz wanted maaori to breed was so that they couldn't be branded / labelled with genocide for their treatment of maaori.

instead the plan was... well... slavery. gamma baby.

that's why nz is getting... tetchy... about the 5 eyes using it's intelligent information to... call out some of what it sees.

nz doesn't understand that the world is developing and we aren't... because of a whole world view.. aspirational... ideology... a whole thing like that.

it doesn't comprehend that everyone else isn't equally focused on running up some local hillock of a fitness trap.




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