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Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2021, at 18:11:23

it does show something of the problem we have, in NZ, though.

i didn't realise how bad things were or had become, in NZ, with respect to human rights etc.

but the attitude very much is dragging heels for as long as possible and refusal to do anything about violations. the government has instituted a series of positions because they were pressured to do so by international agreement, i suppose. they have staffed those positions with people who do not do the job.

e.g., the people they employ to process complaints are responsible for throwing away complaints and bullying people who complain.

the attitude of our foreign affairs minister is... pretty much to laugh in their faces. haha you lose. what do you expect us to do about it? and so on... tough. too bad.

samoa got a democratic government? huh?

last i heard the pacific islands lost a university...

i don't know about that. i do know that people travel out of the pacific islands to go to university in new zealand, for example. and further abroad. i don't know the quality of the univerity or whether it was very very corrupt. i suppose i am leaning on the very very corrupt because.... i have never heard of any research outputs coming out of there that appeared to me to be genuine rather than the products of a marketing team. sort of along the lines of the way new zealand universities have been 'developing'.


i think our foreign affairs minister is unhappy about chinese loans to pacific countries as well.

apparently new zealand simply gives money with no expectation of return. to present leaders, i suppose. to further enable them. their reign. not a bribe payment or anything like that. just a gift to help them be secure in their position or something i suppose.

i don't think maaori leaders will be happy to see pacific island nations develop democratic structures. maaori leaders are very very very invested in seeing maaori as the elite of the pacific people. the top of the hierarchy of them. the chief structure being the best structure of course and the money going to the mighty chiefs who rein as kings over their tribe...

very much wedded to that being an intrinsic or inherant part of the culture.

that's the thing.

defining the culture in such ways that extinction... being left behind... is built in. and then crying for mercy in the name of... equity or fairness or whatever. and then haha too bad you lose haha when those less fortunate come along.

i wrote about it in my thesis. the a-symmetry of the position. hipocracy? two-faced-ness? an articulation of what is wrong with the position. one way for me (mercy for me) another way for everybody else (haha you lose). the incoherance. the... well... not being able to see that is a kind of brain damage or cognitive deficit or... it shows one unsuitable to lead. anyway. that's the point. grounds for removal from office. for the good of us all.




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