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they hired a qc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 20:39:12

queens council.

the district health board ce.

that is to say, the chief executive of the auckland district health board chose to hire a queens council (most expensive lawyer) to represent his interests (i am going for removal from office on ground he knew or should have known about human rights violations going on inside the hospital he is head administrator of)

i suppose the government pays for that. for his queens council lawyer to represent his interests.

where is my lawyer?

in fact... why am i the prosecutor?

isn't the government supposed to prosecute things like that?

to honor international obligations?

i think?

but little old me... i don't even have a law degree. i got a B- for statute interpretation. i got a D for public health. then a C next time. i'm clearly stupid and incompetent and inept. totally f*ck*ng incapable.

well then involuntarily detain me in conditions of torture and throw away the key!!!

i think they think...

i should feel flattered... that someone capable is.... ahem... helping me. doing the work. writing the aspects that the judge will use in the write-up.


they don't pay me. they don't pay me. they don't pay me.

they don't pay me to write parts of things for the judge to copy paste in his write up.

they don't pay me.

they go -- then we get to involuntarily detain you in conditions of torture and so on and you can't prove it. unless you work for us for free! do good work for us for free or we get to keep you as a slave forever because you can't prove it unless you do our work for us hahhahahahhahahahahhahaha

but see....


the thing is...

it's your f*ck*ng job to prosecute.

solicitor general.

attorney general.

it's your f*ck*ng job.

which means the person responsible...

dun dun dun dun..


spitting on your onion rings.





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