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Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:20:27

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:08:17

and... we know it isn't elite white supermacy becuase...

china has developed to the point where they are in the position to take some of the weight of the world on their shoulders and... process it...

so what is going on with the uyghur people.

they are an ethnic minority of mostly subsistence farmers.

and the problem is...

there are concerns the people aren't socially and economically developing.

and that needs to be balanced with concerns that the social and economic development of the people might be genocide (elimination of their way of life and what makes them distinct and unique as a group of peoples).

it is a genuinely difficult issue / problem that nobody really knows how to navigate.

we know what happens when we have these small relatively isolated communities... and where people with... advanced technologies. guns. and the like.... roll up.


the people come and... swap shiny material products for... beautiful little girls. or... yeah. prostitution. slave. acquisition of a person as property.

where you get hotels going up and casinos and the like for the tourists. and then you get people who don't want to work the plantations. they want to hang about the tourists... and their way of life is gone. under threat. eliminated. as teh children run away from their parents to sleep outside the casino or wahtever. to rummage the rubbish skip out the back of the restaurant...

or whatever.


the world is saying 'genocide'. because that's a serious crime we are supposed to understand from WWII nuremburg trials. but there are many more complex and nuanced ways of people being exterminated than that.

seasonal labor...

it used to be (the story goes) that studnets would do seasonal work. but that was when seasonal work paid well. so there was a point to doing it. people would be prepared to work very very hard for a picking season when the picking season gave them an extended holiday at the end of it. so... how you could work steadily over the course of 1 year. or you could work frantically really forsaking much of everything else to get that same work done to the same standard in... i don't know... how many hours of the day are you devoted to it? 1/3 the time? sure.

but then the slavers go 'you must work at that same rate ALL THE TIME. So... pay is to be cut by 1/3 effectively. or they just replace the person.

people used to sign up for picking when they were healthy and young and when they could use the funds to support them for longer.


well the new zealand way has to been to beat people with sticks and deprive them of things until....

until they get organised.

looks like australia has started allowing people in new zealand to be supplied with guns etc to protect themselves against the new zzealand government.

you could even potentially see the introduction of new drugs as a mechanism or means by which to further empower not-government.

which is why governments are looking at legalising (collecting taxes on, retaining control of) drugs.

because the governments aren't being seen to be being good to their people.

they are being seen as teh primary exploiters -- which they are.

where is mjy degree?
for the work that i did?
where is my place in the training programme that i earned?
for the degree that is internationally recognised only because you allow students to work to internatioanl standards?

you chose to hand out degrees to sexual offenders. people who agreed to commit sexual offenses and write confessions.





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