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Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:02:29

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:59:42

I don't know.

I think that everybody agrees that having elected DHB members on the board has not resulted in people feeling that the DHB is listening to the people in the communities.

The places have been filled by managers who thought they could manage people's perceptions... Just put a drop box where people can put their complaints and then they will feel heard. And then that idea morphed into just put a drop box where people can put the complaints and nobody can say that we aren't listening to their complaints because we provided that mechanism to them and what more can they expect?

and where the compliants are taken out back and duly burned.

that's the level or degree of representation.

people couldn't sue clinicians for medical misadventure.

so alex initiated judicial review of the DHB with the CE as being ultimately responsible because he knew (or should have known) what was goign on in his hospital.

so now the government is going to takae more direct control of (it already has the responsibility for -- on the world stage it already has the responsibility for) the people who are being involuntarily detained in the hospitals when they haven't even seen a psychiatrist.

because... we don't hire psychiatrists. not very many. ones we get don't stay long. because... we don't provide conditions that make it possible for them to do their job.

and then we can get started on the medical misadventures of who is actually doing operations on patients. and what else are they doing? the sexual molestations happening to patients being groped in the name of 'cervical examination' etc when they have been anesthetised for un-related procedures. people have been writing about it in the new zealand medical journal for years. i think it's what you have to do to graduate university of auckland medical school: write a personal diary entry on how you groped a pateint without that patients consent on instructions from a senior clinician with your cohort watching. otherwise... no graduation for you. we are all in this together!!! and nobody would voluntarily let any of you (we us) anywhere near a vulnerable patient if they knew...


except that they do

which means... that they asked for it

i mean... i guess if they ask for help from the likes of them / us then... they deserve. they are asking for. they can only expect...

everything they get.

is this sort of predicament of the situation whereby new zealand refuses to allow the development of medicine and medical treatment because...

people are jealous that they want to be heroes.

but the only heroes allowed are the frontline workers.

which is why they get no money

which is why cleaning staff spit on the things they are supposed to clean

and everything fails to flourish




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