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Re: who wants to be a hero???

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 18:42:11

In reply to Re: who wants to be a hero???, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 18:29:12


actually auckland sends kids down to hamilton.

they have three streams...

auckland. south auckland. hamilton. and northland is a rural scheme thing with is separate and distinct (there is a class division or... segregation... and everything)...

so the contested territory is just south of the waikato. and it is not contested at all it is Otago.


because of the regional centres thing mostly i guess. because of the population. because of otago being more geared towards rural health. issues of patient transport and the like. trying to figure trade off between large hospitals (3 specialists for a functional unit) and smaller medical centres closer to home.

why the reluctance to scrap boards? i mean boards involved boards of directors people paid too much. lots ofthem. i think the idea was 1/2 the board was required to be elected. who votes for members of the board? Not really any body. Hardly anybody votes for city councellors and less vote for health board. health board members were typically city councellors. nobody thought health board members truly representative of the communities served by the health system.

oen of them said on his way out (it will be the elected positions that are scrapped):

he said something about how the public health system was for the poor. for maaori. a back up for the working class who has private health insurance anyway.

to ensure those people are kept in their place. obviously.

apparently 1/2 the auckland district health board took vaccinations before it was their turn on the grounds that they had opportunity and they believed the person telling them what they wanted to hear (when they were responsible for hiring them and keeping them on payroll) that nobody who was supposed to have one would miss out on having one if they had one early...

my concern is... if 1/2 the board is scrapped and, say 1/2 the board is hired by the government towarsd the running of thse newe supercentres... then the 1/2 that took the vaccine ahead of their time... are they in or out? and the 1/2 that did not take the vaccine ahead of their time... are those people in or out?

i wonder on the correlation of that.

that will likely tell us whether things are expected to get better or whether they have chosen to invest in keeping / forcing things to be just as bad if not worse (i mean if you can get away with making things worse, why wouldn't you?)

what the elected person said on their way out. good riddance to him that he's out.

how many people of new Zealand have that conception of the heatlh system? want to have that conception of the heatlh system? want the health system to be that?

he's the guy who... if he thinks he can pay for... organ transplant if he needs one. blood products if he need some.



is he a donor then? is he a donor to his private clinic?




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