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Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:59:42

In reply to and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

i think the government will likely do a better job of it than the regions.

i worry that the government is sh*t. they are sh*t. they are pretty sh*tty.

but, generally speaking, they do better than what goes in in the regions.

that is to say, i think generally, central government is less corrupt than regional government.

things do feel to be shifting.

under the previous national government people didn't say boo. people were too scared.

people are starting to say boo now. people are starting to talk about human rights and the like. these issues are starting to come up.

it feels like things are getting worse...

but i think what is happening is that we are starting to face up to some of the things that are hard. previously we didn't face up to them or acknowledge them at all.

so what is looking / feeling like steps back is part of the process of moving forwards.

i do think that that is the case.

it is just frustrating how slow everything is forced to go in nz.

that it needed to take 3 hearings...

that i wrote 1 year of research all the way back in 2018 and the judges and everyone is pretending to be too f*ck*ng stupid to understand that when 2/3 external examiners are willing to sign the student off and the university refuses to get the work to examiners in order to prevent sign off...

what the f*ck??

what the f*ck???

our borders are fairly much closed right now. that is to say: other countries aren't letting people board flights to new zealand unless they are nz citizen passport holders...

people can't come here anymore.

where is my degree??????????????????????????????????????


f*ck*ng corruption




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