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Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:43:03

In reply to and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

to be a bit fair to the courts...

samsung corporation owns the building.

and it is leased to a man with a limited liabilty company.

he subleases to a woman with a limited liabilty who also has some sort of affiliation with ray white (a formerly reputable real estate rental agency -- who is starting to lose it's reputation).

so responsibility...

it did take 3 hearings for the man to state clearly to the courts that he is responsible for electrical sign off.

and what happened was that he got a bunch of heaters installed in a manner that was not safe. an electricion did not sign off on heater installation. he got a builder to (where a builder is not qualified to sign off on heaters). and he just swears that it's safe.

i think the plan was to burn the building down. then collect insurance. the plan was always to demolish it at some point, so a way of getting additional revenue from that.

was samsung corporation in on it?

it is reasonable for samsung corporation to have expected someone who leases the building from them and who takes responsibility for electrical issues to... have taken care of electrical issues.

i suppose samsung corporation knows a thing or two about electrical issues.

it may be that samsung chose to rent to him because he would mismanage.

it is more likely that they wanted to rent the building and... he thought he could turn a profit.

he is an odious man.

i do believe it is wreckless endangerment. he was hoping that the building would burn down. he was thinking that nobody would care that it was a bunch of homeless children inside... criminals -- right? all smoking pot in the building unsupervised... the building burns and everyone will blame the juvenile delinquents -- right?

he has had... months.

months in which to get an electrition to come into the building and sign that the installation is okay.

or... an electrition could have said 'na, it's not okay. but it will take maybe... 1 day work? 2 days work? to unscrew the heaters and move teh cord and then screw the heaters back in. then it will be okay and i'll sign off'.

and in the months and months he's had (three re-hearings) he has refused.

he told the court today he will close everything down and throw the kids out on the street that seems to be what I want him to do.

all i ever asked him was to get a f*ck*ng electrition out to see what needed tobe done to bring the building into compliance.

and he refuses to operate anything other than a fire hazard violation.

that's the truth of the situation.

he is an odious man.




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