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and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

so we are getting rid of the district health boards and replacing them with a national agency.

because national agencies have been doing so well (not).

our vaccine roll-out is slower than australia.

a bunch of people were offered and took vaccines when they shouldn't have been.

a bunch of people were not offered vaccines (or they were not made convenient for them to obtain them) who should have been.

the whole thing has been a debarcle. last year the GPs hoarded the flu vaccine. this year we still have hoarding. nothing much happened the first few weeks because a bunch of people who shuoldn't have had them refused to roll them out to anybody at all until they had had both their shots.


so now the district health boards are being axed.

but they will be replaced by a centralised government agency that will, no doubt, turn out to be just as corrupt.

they want to get rid of the post code lottery as they put it where provision of health services depends on which region you live in.

they would rather it be dependent on the arbitrary whims of politicians, no doubt.

like visa exemptions. which are processed (or not) by government.

where the wiggles gets an exemption but people wanting to visit terminally ill relatives are not.

and policians from mexico get to travel and return with fiances in tow while other people's wives and small children are not allowed in.

a lot of 'essential healthworkers' came to NZ to flee the epidemic overseas. they chose to leave behind partners and small children. couragous, huh. those are the winners we want populating our health system. the medically trained people who pursue safety for themselves at the expense of their dependents...

anyway... some of their visas are starting to be processed now...

but not before partners of sports people.

universities new zealand... does not investigate corruption. refuses to. goes aotu the world trying ot recruit slaves.

we are in the process of merging all the polytechnics. so they will be one large governmetn department.

they say the restructure will get rid of bloated management and inefficiencies...

but it will just re-concentrate everything about wellington and make government more corrupt than it already is.

yesterday.. something about Jacinda Ardern giving 20 somethign million to a maaori tribe (don't worry most of it will be eaten up by court costs and the money will never be handed out)... without parliament sign off.

the attitude was tha tparliament sign off was just notional so wasnt needed.

apparently there were 72 instances of national doing the same thing previously.

our policians don't actually have any f*ck*ng idea what they are doing.

is the issue.

the whole thing about how we can't have phd's in parliament in advisory roles because the ministers won't understand the reports.

the level of governance.

the level of think-tank that goes into the vision or plan that our leaders have for the nation.

they don't have teh most basic level of education or training.

and they're only setting out to destroy the education system entirely.

and the health system.

and everything.

the path to extinction. failure to thrive.

i now have a tenancy tribunal hearing. it will be the third hearing. there was a judgemetn (the same judgement) 2x with 2 different adjudicators.

that is to say the courts are so entirely without cases that they appear to think they have time to hear the same f*ck*ng case 3x.

they aren't having him lodge an appeal. they are allowing him to ask for another hearing with another adjudicator so he can parade even more evidence that is irreelvant.

the courts bog things up with irrelevants. they introduce (they allow to be introduced) irrelevancies.

the judges refuse to allow a simple and clear statement -- they insist on things being cluttered up.

it gets to the point of up is down and left is right and....

and these are the couts.

and those are the judges.

the judiciary doesn't appear to work in nz.

nothing appears to work in nz.

the money goes....


and now the international student money does not go.

and internatioal commjunity increasingly will not to (cannot do) business with us.




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