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Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2021, at 21:58:06

In reply to 5 eyes, posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2021, at 21:15:00

the ad ran when i was a kid.

i guess before the development of science, in nz. back when we took the moral high ground / road because the low road wasn't an option.

i remember when we were opposed to SUV's because... we couldn't afford them. we were opposed to them for all the right reasons. the reasons we not cite as to why we don't like them anymore. but between our not liking them for the right reasons once upon a time and our not liking them for the right reasons now there was a brief period of time when ownership of them in these parts really took off. what happened during that brief period of time? we could afford them. they were here and so people brought them.

we were opposed to the animal testing... on cosmetics and the like when i was a kid...

the univeristy of Otago had this massive restructure under Hayes. a lot of people lost their jobs. academic dead weight, sure, but they were hired because they were likely to be academic dead weight, they were kept because they were academic dead weight, and now they are gone... they weren't treated very humanely. but i suppose they condones inhumane treatment of their studnets. not signing off on their studnets. signing off on the students who didn't have capacity for further productivity... you get the idea...

anyhoo... the inhumane restructure where lots of people lost their jobs... to save money for a... very very expensive animal testing building.

so they can do vivisections on animals to practice for...

dun dun dun dun the star performance! the peak of the show!

some inbred white elite kid of an official getting to practice surgery on some brown kid. or maybe some impoverished white kid. to their mind... as far up the evolutionary ladder of the hierarchy of being as they are allowed to go...

that's the thinking of there.

of course nobody with any moral sense would teach them anything. it would be irresponsible to do that. they aren't amendable to teaching, anyway. it's more about doing whatever you want whenever you want because you want from their pov... their perspective on the goal or meaning of life.

and now they are getting started on building a hospital. apparently. or something.

new zealand is one of teh few places you can do stem cell research.

but why would you want to grow a baby in a test tube... when you can remove a baby from the womb and raise it in an incubator? we specialise in the latter...

conceived in alcohol
born into oxygen deprivation
beaten about the head in the name of national sport
sexually and physically and psychologically abused at the hands of employees of government departments / organisations
then carefully chosen and selected to repeat that on the next generation.

it's our grand plan for teh whole failure to thrive thing that is the country of new zealand

i guess our major export was...

masses of low capacity workforce to do all the slave labor overseas.

we thought we could produce meat for the world.

there's no shortage of meat in the world. the world doesn't want meat.

there's no... people. humanity.

it's not about the technology any more than it was about the money.

they are epiphenomenon, those developments. epiphenomenon on a lot of other things going right.

but giving us technology... we would only try and produce things cheaper and crappier than India -- and the world doesn't need more of that.

i certainly didn't come back to new zealand to do philosophy. most particularly not moral philosophy.

you argue with a fool for long enough and you wonder...

teh attorney general and the solicitor general have been cc'd in.

what are they going to do?

will new zeland prosecute corruption or not?

does new zealand have a legitimate government or one that is fundamentally corrupt?

they don't appear to have counted the votes.

but then there also don't appear to have been any actual canddiates...





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