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Re: we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2021, at 4:13:11

In reply to Re: we have to be cruel to others because..., posted by alexandra_k on April 19, 2021, at 4:01:53

I'm sure it goes on other places as well.

One of the hospitals in RI is being investigated for corruption.

Apparently they were hemorrhaging money...

They were refusing to comply with federal regualtion. So they stopped recieving federal funds.

But still they weren't willing to comply with federal regulation. So they were going to keep hemorrhaging money...

What was it about? It's a bit unclear...

I think it's about the involutary detention of a bunch of people. You call them 'intellectually handicapped' or 'psychiatrically disturbed' and then you get to... Keep them. I guess. Your people prisoners. Do to experiments on, or whatever.

Apparently there aren't federal inpatient detention facilities in the name of intellectual handicap / psychiatric disturbance anymore.

So they are required to arrange for people to be transferred to community settings. Or something.

I see a lot of houses burning down...

I don't know why so many house fires.

Our Government literally refuses to prosecute corruption. Apparently... Apparently they don't have to. It is discretionary, or something.

It is entirely optional for the attorney general and solicitor general to do their job (in New Zealand).

Presently they refuse to prosecute the corruption that is the Universities of NZ refusing to enrol domestic adults in programmes they have applied to (because of their preference to select children to abuse and foster into psychopaths) and their refusal to allow students to work to international standards of academic scholarship. Their refusal to allow external examiners to sign off that international standards of academic scholarship have in fact been reached.

Their refusal to accept that when international examiners are willing to sign the students off... Refusing to get the work back to the examieners for sign off in order to demand re-enrolment and additional paymet of fees is...

Keeping slaves.


Demand for bribe to be paid.
Letter of extortion (pay us more money or you will never get your degree).
Demand for exit payment (pay us more money or you will never get your degree).

These are the public universities of New Zealand.


engaged in all these animal torture experiments. people torture experiments too.

just living their pathology...




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