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Re: we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:54:17

In reply to Re: we have to be cruel to others because..., posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:44:59

Didn't you know that the point of life is to command as much money as possible? And the way you do that is to be head of a business or government department...

The ideal appears to be a government department. Then you can set up a private business to award yourself a government contract. Because private CE's get many orders of magnitude more money than government CE's. so you use your public position to set up a little private advantage for yourself... Or maybe a few friends... And you take turns on who gets what bid / contract. That seems to be the most recent thing the... UN?? Is telling us is not an acceptable business practice. I suppose because it's so rife in government.

And what it is that you are CE of is actually irrelevant. Because it's about getting as much money out for yourself (and maybe a few cronies). Even if at the expense of the overall.

IN fact, nobody seems to care about the overall. It's just a stepping stone on the way to a bigger business with a bigger budget.


The government says that x million is to be spent on health or whatever. IN the budget.


Where does the money go, then.

Like... How much money actually went where, exactly?

Yeah... The money was spent on... Building depreciation.

That's where the money went.

Building depreciation eats the health budget.

What are you going to do about it?

Well, at the very least, identify them as the psychopaths they are. Then psychopaths can come and they can have fun trying to mutually destroy each other.

It's only a very small group of psychopaths ruining things for everyone else. It's important to remember that.




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