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Re: we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:30:02

In reply to Re: we have to be cruel to others because..., posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:17:07

think of all the work that goes into preventing the development of IT in new zealand.

all the world that goes into making sure that the university computer science kids don't manage to develop secure softare systems for anything, anything, anything at all.

all the work that goes into preventing that.

some people must be working really really hard to prevent development.

where are the major instigators??

i suppose you start from the top. and see how many of them you need to go through... where things get stuck on your way down from there...

but the government pays Chris Whelan in his capacity as CE of Universities NZ and he refuses to do what is required to uphold the quality and integrity of NZ qualifications. Universities NZ wrote complaints processes for them to follow which includes compliants being investigated by 2 people and the evidence going to a meeting of the VCs (so they can figure how to make redundant a whistleblower, i guess) and to the police (so they prosecute i suppose)... And he doesn't do that. he sits on complaints and doesn't show them to anyone else. doesn't get the evidnce to the police. doesn't get the evidnce to a meeting of the VC committee.

So... Given that he refuses to do his job... It's time to go, Chris Whelan. How can you be on payroll for doing a job with a statutory function in law... When yo don't do that job.

You should be requied to give all the money back for the length of time you refused to do the job -- right? When did he start refusing to process complaints? Did he ever process complaints?

Why won't the government stop giving money to people who don't do their job...

It is like... It is like the government is paying a bribe (in teh form of a salary) to Chris Whelan for him to make sure the statutory descsritpion (only there to placate the UN) isn't done. Not by him. Not by anyone.

That's an interesting idea...

When the UN says a country needs to do x or y or z...

You know...

Not commit genocide. Not keep slaves. Etc...

Then a country can hire someone like Chris Whelan to make sure that any allegations are squashed. NEver investigated. Never followed up on. Never prosecuted.

So our borders close to international students...

It wasn't like the money we got from them was ever spent on what it was supposed to be spent on anyway. It was supposed to be spent on pastoral care for them and so on. But it wasn't at all. The money was spent on... Managers managing the managers of the adminsitration or the administrators of the managers of the University.

They are firing the management school... The people who were supposed to be academics. Engaged in teaching and research. Tehy fire them...

Because once the executives of the managing the managers managing administratio of the Univesrity have their $100,000+++ salaries... There's no money to hire academics.

There's squillions of 'support staff' too...

I think the idea is... You pay editorial services $5,000 to edit your thesis (you know, write it for you, fix the typos) otherwise... They find a typo and therefore you fail your degree.

You know how it goes... They say you get a $5,000 scholarship... But only if you pay it straight back to them...

I wonder how much the guy paid for entry to Med the guy who got imprisoned for murdering the 16 year old who didn't want to sleep with him...

Good choosing Otago. He fit in real well, everyone can see.




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