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Re: we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:17:07

In reply to Re: we have to be cruel to others because..., posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:06:47

i suppose if you look at the criminal cases the people are saying...

the trials are themselves traumatic. the questions that the judges ask and the questions that the judges allow the lawyers to ask.

it's only really really really recently (as in the last year or two) that it has become frowned upon to basically just say 'she was a little slut and she had it coming to her' and have that go down well with the judge and the jury.

there is still this perception of that... of shaming people into believing that. still... in new zealand.

complaints processes are non-existent in nz. any that we have seem to be there in a dragging our heels doing the bare minimum that we can possibly get away with while retaining some kind of 'we aren't 3rd world' status internationlly. that seems to be the idea.

we have statutes to do with whistleblowing. which is apparently because of compliance with international laws.. which sort of require us to have some.

but in practice in the universities, anyway, the guy whose job it is (the CE of Universities NZ) simply doesn't take the complaints further. they blame the victim or the person complaining. then they don't get their degree. they don't get scholarships. they don't get a job. if they have a job and they complain then it's actually written into their complaints resolution process that the complaint will to to a meeting of the VC's. which means the person will likely be blacklisted from being hired at any of the new zealand universities.

wonder if that's the reason for the current restructure. getting rid of the people who complain / don't appear sufficiently onboard with the whole 'lets travel the world and seek out vulnerable people who we believe we can double bill and sexually molest and get to engage in practices of abuse and sexual molestation themselves to become just like us so we can spread more of these things that we like around new zealand and teach the world about how we do business in new zealand'.

i am not really seeing any evidence of 'try'.




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