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Re: we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 14:06:47

In reply to we have to be cruel to others because..., posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 13:53:53

they are trying to advertise or market this idea that they are forcing a generation to retire to make way for what they are calling 'early career' researchers.

every now and then they do that... some kind of a cull on the people who called (when it was the previous cull) the 'dead wood'. by which i mean the people employed to work as academics in the universities... who aren't actively engaged in research.

but the early career researchers they invest in are the ones who fit in with / condone the work that is presently being done...

and mostly that seems to be about people who are sexually molesting the students and so on... that's the kind of thing that appears to be the flipside of 'yes sir no sir anything you say sir oooooooooooh you are so motivating and inspiring and i want nothing more than to be your little bitch servant for 10+ years working on my phd i mean your phd i mean the phd you will sign me off on which will be one that proclaims cruely to the world so that people don't let me near anyone they actually care about... not voluntarily anyway... but that's okay... you can always work to inflict suffering on the people of nz... that's what we like to see... more of that... invest in that which you want to see more of...'

we don't prosecute corruption.

best i can figure the serious fraud department is itself pretty corrupt. it costs them... a couple million per trial. on average. how does it hemorrhage that kind of money?

even with the filings, and double filings... the statement of claim.... the statement of claim x 2... the memorandum... case conference... another memorandum... another case conference... where are they having case conferences? hawaii??

we actually don't prosecute corruption.

i think came here because... at one point i think the idea was the joke (only it wasn't) of how much it would cost to become dictator of an island... new zealand. more in particular. how much would it cost to buy citizenship and then buy the election.

Jacinda Arden told the people at Harvard, in question time, that everyone takes donations above the $25,000 or whatever it was amount that they had to spend on campaigning. she said the point of the cap was to make it cheap enough for pretty much anyone to be able to run. to make running accessible to the people of new zealand. and then she went on to admit that everyone currently in parliament takes donations besides that because the amount is laughable really... and something along the lines of how that is what you do to win...

and even with the world having a clear case against new zealand couldn't extradite him in a timely fashion. turns out that the police in new zealand... the national security people, even, none of them seem to have the most basic level of awareness of (or compliance with) the laws that there are. to do with having warrants for search and seizure and so on. they don't do the things they are supposed to do in collecting evidence etc which, of course, makes the evidence all inadmissable. which, of course, means that we can't / won't prosecute anything. is what it means.

just a bunch of cowboys beyond the laws.

the ACC... accident corporation. we give up our right to sue for medical misadventure... for negligence... because acc is supposed to cover it. but they don't appear to spend the money they have on claims. they are invseting the money they have... in the US stockmarket.

they are an investment company?

preventing medicine from developing in new zealand.

because that's their statutory function....

in completely f*ck*d up make no sense land.

the judges pretend to be incapable of parsing the statutes...




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