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we have to be cruel to others because...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 18, 2021, at 13:53:53

we don't have the technology.

that is the latest excuse.

we need to breed animals to be killed in the name of 'science research' because we don't have the technology.

people genuinely don't seem to understand... we don't have the technology... because we are cruel to others.

we are so focused on being cruel that we don't invest in the development of humane things. we chose to invest in and support and nourish... cruelty.

we are committed to how there isn't any other way. there can't be any other way. to justify the way it's always been, i suppose. to enable it to continue on. to condone everything. and so on.

once you graduate from animal cruelty... you might be selected for cruelty to premature infants. you can breathe for them... or measure just how much damage you inflict by refusing to support them in breathing independently. you can make sure that you take control and make things worse for them because of it. good idea. i mean... people are doing that already (have been doing that already) for quite some time. so why not do a longitudinal study in how it sets people up for a lifetime of poor breathing and deprivation and so on... why not? we like those. longitudinal studies in how our interventions make things worse for them. makes us feel all powerful.



we would rather keep slaves than invest in allowing people to develop technology. we would rather steal from them and prevent them continuing to develop. and that's why we don't have technology.

and it's not about technology, anyway. it's about what you do with the technology.

what does new zealand choose to do with the technolgy it does have control of?

i'm thankful we don't have more of it. more control of it. we don't seem capable of utilising what we have got in humane ways, at all.




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