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Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 22:06:56

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:46:40

I know already what will happen in response to this.

new zealand will give them offers of employment on course completion.

then new zealand will refuse to give them course completion.

then new zealand will refuse to allow them to work to international standards.

it will be, like, euthanise this person here when i say because i say or else... you won't get your degree.

or similar...

because then they will have on file all they need to go 'we don't choose you anymore'.

so the inevitable...

we will take your money only. we will never pay you.

that's what is not-negotiable from the new zealand government.

which is why our borders need to be locked down. so that people don't get their money out of other countries to 'invest' it in this one. because we don't honor our contracts. we have no intention at all of ever delivering that return to the people who invested. we intended to scam them only.

so it would be irresponsible of other countries to allow their people to be scammed by us. to come here.

why would the USA let people come here to do adventure tourism. who pays when things go wrong -- and it's likely they will go wrong because we don't follow any of the most basic of health and safety laws you would expect.

people die bungy jumping. people die visiting volcanos.

people came and saw the hostpials in new zealand where the tourists were put for treatment.

they got to see about the medical supplies.

they got to see about who was in teh hospitals. they got to see about the leveel of training and the degree of care...

and they can't really afford to let their people come here and do those things. because their people belive they are protected by something alon the lines of the rights and privaledges their own governmetn gives them...

and they come here..

and there's nothing here.

nobody can function here.

come here to be incapacitated.


people refusing to develop. it's so f*ck*ng tiresome.

i knooooooooooooooooow they didn't get the help they needed. and it's very very sad. it's very very very very sad that they have all the money all the resources and they aren't willing or able to invest it so that people can get the help they need so that things can progress.


i saw that a therapist i had once who was 'if i can't help you then i will write on your file that nobody can and you should be discharged from the service altogether'... is now CE... she has to do with... depriving the people in the prisons of having the psychological help that they need, now.

to be fair... that was many many many many many many many many years ago...

there was a cookie cutter sort of a thing they were doing, there, with clincial psychology graduates. they had a very small tool-kit of cognitive and behavioral modifications / interventions and they were really trying to be revolutionary with introducing DBT... which they were sold only because it slgihly outperformed and because... Well... Instead of them embracing what was new (expanding their toolkit) they liked it because so much of it was what they were already doing before... The cognitive and behavioral stuff. So... They were introducing a group therapy element. But the content of the sessions... Well... I don't think they actually were structing the sessions... Now that I think upon it...

ANyway... I was not a good fit to work with relatively young females who they picked to enrol and graduate and then actually hire for the DHBs. There was a... Stereotype. A similarity. A sameness...

I clicked well with one... But she was non-traditional. A bit older. She was a history PhD set for academic career then pivoted... She had... Breadth. It showed.

Anyway... I really can't imagine this therapist I once had... With her life... Small town girl big city (sorta) of Dunedin. Very young looking. Wide eyed. Blonde. New boyfriend. Professional job. Very happy and bubbly and pleased with herself and how well her life is going... Not her fault. Very young and very bubbly and very happy about how her life is going with her fancy new professional job...

But we didn't click. I couldn't stand her. She was somehow everything I was... Expected?? To be? For them to pick me. To choose me? I was supposed to be so happy I got to see her because she was so amazing and aspirational and cool and everything I wanted to be... I could see that... That was how that was suppposed to go. She was supposed to be a good role model for me...

But that made it be about her. About me doing what I was expected to do so that she would be and remain this bubbly beackon of lgiht and hope or something...

And we were not a good fit. And I requested to work with someone else... And there wasn't anybody else who they chose to hire who was a good fit. My previous therapist (who I got on well with) was... Redeployed.. To a different place. So we couldn't keep working together. THen a couple years later she left for Melbourne...

Anyway... my major injuries occurred a couple months after she said and wrote that the service should terminate all contact with me. She didn't say because I was an ungrateful little bitch but that was the implication.

I suppose this... I suppose it would have been hard for her to learn that... What went down with me.. It would have been quite the shock. I suppose others would have rallied aroun dher that she did the right thing in terminating all contact with me and having me thrown out of the service...

And now... Well... I suppose I have this idea now that she is CE of psychology particularly to do with the prisons because that's usually about depriving the people in teh prisons of treatment. Withhodling treatment. Giving bare minimal... People who are a bad fit. All of that. Trying to have teh peopel in the prisons stop asking for treatment. Have them think that treatment is worse than no treatment. What do you have to do to save a little money on psych services -- right?

So she writes up how because of bad fit... No treatment for them. I would imagine. ANd her.. ANd people like her.. With teh charmed lives... Are hand picked to go into the prisons... Because they cannot relate... And I iamgien her bubbly... I imagine she turned out to quite the cold heartless bitch. I could see that...

And that's very sad...

Because the only issue with her was... She was so young. So young. So inexperienced. Such a small tool-kit. And we were not a very good fit.

I could imagine her clicking so really well with other people. A shy boy who was maybe suicidal. A younger girl who needed more of a big sister...

I needed someone strong enough to handle things that were too much for me. She didn't have it in her. I could see that. I was trying to protect the both of us.




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