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Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:30:05

In reply to Re: living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:17:23

well, what are you going to do?

you could complain... but then they won't pick you.

picking of you: rescinded.

would you like to do business with new zealand?

senior officials from new zealand charge up lots of money so they can go off overseas and try and find children overseas who their parents might be willing to sign their kids into a period of slavery to new zealand.

sorry, indentured servitude. new zealand promises to enrol them in courses where there are labor shortages out the other end. promises to give them qualifications so they can get good paying jobs (enough to support their families) out the other end.

then new zealand takes the money... and threatens to withhold the qualification unless more money is paid.

and what are you going to do about it?

you could complain... but then they won't pick you. they won't employ you. there will be no job for you.

only this seems a bit not good... so there are other ways they go about this, too.

one student was raped and then they locked her up in a psychiatric institution. because she didn't tell them that was where she was after a certain amount of time they rescinded her visa. so now she's deported 4 years into a 5 year double degree with 1 year to go to graduation. she leaves the country with nothing. after having been defiled.

would you like to do business with universities new zealand?

presently there's a (likely fake news) case of a vietnamese kid who was brought here by... someone who thought she was worth investing in. they put her through secondary school mathematics (unclear she was studying anything else) and then AUT enrolled her and graduated her and she's now 15 or something...

and apparently she has offer of a job in finance...

they didn't say in what capacity. like... cleaning?

the governmetn won't give her a visa. her caretaker... her... slaver? but not her...

but AUT enrolled her. and actually graduated her. the government seemed to rely on our visa misprocessing to cause her to be evicted from this country with a degree that... isn't worth anything overseas.

and a degree that will expire, apparently. new zealand has moved to this online system whereby they can basically alter your transcript as they see fit and... well... what are you going to do about it?

which is why our degrees aren't worth anything. because they don't keep accurate student records.

because the fact that new zealand universities says a student is good is... uh... more likely to be an indicator that they're a psychopathic child molestering murderer.


would you like to do business with new zealand?

waiting on the courts...


governmetn prosectors... quashing complaints does not improve the perception of corruption... f*ck*ng hurry up...




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