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Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:17:23

In reply to Re: living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:57:32

it's all about finding a gang and herd a mob a tribe.

that's the message.

huddle in together now like sheep.

follow the lead sheep.

that's been taught to run in a direction decided by the dogs...

the dogs the government employes to manage the people.

and look what good of a job that it does!!!

the research universities...

look at the theses!
look at the journals!
look at the articles!
look at the books!

what? there's media con-muniations outputs only?

the products of a management marketing team.

that's the university.

the start up companies...

write up your business plan...

give it to us.

thanks. we've got it from here.
just write us another business plan...

just write us another thesis.
just one more thesis.

the people collecting up all the money for the research want you to write tehm just another thesis. just done more thesis. just another thesis okay?

you need to produce output that reads like something google spat out.

do you see how people are writing college admission essays now?


you start typing a sentance... and the software will complete the sentance / thought for you...

then the colleges can be sure to pick the children who gave them the outputs that were given to the children...

and the children will pay how much ?? For their college degree that was entirely plagarised in this manner.

and out the end of that people will pay those kids to...

why, to set things up to do things better/worse for the next generation...

how Otago treats it's animals is a good barometer of how it treats it's people.

i suppose that is because it is an expression of pathology.

the research projects and the like that are chosen to be funded are expressions of the pathology of the people who approve the funding. they see things in the people that they... identify with... in some way.

the whole tone of it.

they are particularly keen on their genetics studies. the elite white minority in Dunedin. they don't think they are white racial supremacists. because from their perspective they are not elite english or scottish nobility. from their perspective they are pioneers... working class... people who left for a better life...

But they didn't have any kind of vision or ideology... HOw come the early founders of the US had... Ideology... The constitution. Working together... Collaboration... They would have not become the United States if they didn't figure out how to collaborate / get along...

New Zealand doesn't develop.

It is true that the Universities and Techs and Hospitals and everything... the Governmetn thought that allowing these different fifedoms or whatever would bring out healthy competition. But it didnt. It doesn't. There's squabbling and bickering and infighting. And I suppose it is because our centralised government isn't strong enough in teh sense of being effective. Being seen to be. They have good laws, often, but nobody follows the laws. Because they don't prosecute people who don't. So people genuinely believe that they can just do anything they want... SO long as the mob likes them... So it's about sucking up to faces. To it's selecting for psychopathy and 2 faced ness.

The same personality that can display one face to the world... Where that face is the eway it is required to be for success here...


People get old or whatever and then they want different things in life. Priorities shift. They learn money can't buy... A lot of things they see value in.

Seek to destroy the things they see value in thinking if they can obliterate them from teh face of the earth they won't feel deprived in missing out of anhy of that.

focus on the slaves you do have.

maybe get a pet.

do some experiments on animals.

breeding them trying to pick out those with certain rare genetic traits. that's what they think they are doing. and that's how they feel entitled to choose them so young because they believe they have identified them.

they think people are like that.

they don't have any comprehension of robustness across environments. they think they've found the robust gene. but it's a psychopath psychophant thing that you only find in the very very very very young.

an infant is helpless and genetics... big wide eyes... designed by many many years of evolution to induce 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' and caretaking response from others. they like to choose their medical students very very young so those involved in choosing / teaching / graduating feel 'awwwwwwwwwwwww' about the medical students they picked because they liked them the most.

the students who blinked their innocent eyes just so... and smiled so sweetly...

the studnets who presented themselves belly-up.

(who cope with presenting a face like that once they are all grown up by you know, molesting children and the like)




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